My marriage to my husband was blissful and peaceful until he took a new wife and our relationship turned sour. He abandoned me and treated me like a dog while he showered his new wife with all the attention and affection.”

Zainab Adesina had approached Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking the dissolution of her 22-year-old marriage to her husband, Waheed Adesina on the accounts of neglect and constant battery.

The plaintiff further prayed the court to award her custody of their two children and restrain her husband from coming to harass her in her new place of residence and work place.

“My husband and I enjoyed a blissful marriage for more than 10 years but we started experiencing a strain in our relationship when he started treating me like a dog after he took a new wife.

“Immediately his new wife moved in peace deserted our home. She was always seeking every opportunity to fight me and when we fight, my husband will take sides with her and on many occasions, beat me.

“My rival and I once fought and my husband, after beating me, left a deep cut on my hand with a cutlass. I bled profusely and was rushed to the hospital where the cut was stitched. He later came to beg me and apologised that it was the work of the devil.

“In 2011, he bought a piece of land each for my rival and me but he refused to show me my piece of land. He later sold it and used the proceeds to build a house for my rival on her plot of land.

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‘My lord, in 2014, he denied paternity of our two children stating that they belong to a man in the neighbourhood who is his area brother. Like other times, he came back to apologise that it was the handiwork of the devil.

“Any time he received his salary he would stay away from home and would not return until he had spent the last kobo. He never gave more than N500 as feeding allowance per week and he would still insist on eating out of whatever I prepared for the children after adding some amount to it.

“In December 2016, he requested to have a word with me and I asked him to come in into my room. He asked for my phone and before I knew, he smashed it on the floor. He accused me of always calling my lovers with my phone and after a heated argument, ordered me to pack out of his house, “she stated.

“My lord, I’ve endured enough. I’m also no more interested in staying in marriage with a whore, “Waheed told the court.

“I have endured my wife’s atrocities for long and can’t take it any longer.

“My wife had strings of lovers she was sleeping with on a regular basis. One of them was the man in our neighbourhood whom she referred to as my area brother. The man’s wife came to our house and shouted on my wife to stop sleeping with her husband else she would deal with her.

“She once brought one of her lovers, an alfa to our home. She smuggled him in through the back door, took him into her room and fed him there. She later introduced him to me as a relative when I got a wind of what was happening, “the defendant stated.

Ruling after listening to the couple, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje adjourned the case till June 25 and ordered them to appear in court on the stipulated date with their children and parents for judgment.

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