She denies me s3x by wearing pants, short and trousers to bed every night, man tells court

A woman, Olubunmi Adedeji has sought for divorce from her husband, Olumide Adedeji, at the Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State on the account that her husband has turned her into a punching bag.

Olubunmi stated before the court that her husband derived pleasure in beating and inflicting wounds on her and also disfiguring her face.

“Although my husband cares for my need and that of our children, he derives pleasure in beating me at the slightest provocation. Every time he beats me, he makes sure he leaves me with deep cuts and a disfigured face.

“The last time he did, I nearly lost the use of both eyes.

“When my elder brother saw what he did to me, he called him but he told him lies. My brother asked him if he was still interested in our marriage and he replied that on one condition; that I would be in purdah, “she said.

“I want to be there for my children and so, don’t want to die now. If I continue to stay under my husband’s roof, he will kill me. That’s why I am pleading for a divorce, “she concluded.

The defendant, while responding, agreed to beating his wife and also admitted to her plea for a divorce.

“I beat my wife because she’s stubborn, troublesome and disobedient. She’s also fond of raining curses on me. The worst of it all is that she’s a prostitute.

“I met her in a helpless and hopeless state and rose to her help. She was well behaved before we got married, but after we did, she changed and started showing her true colour.

“We have been moving from one house to the other due to her troublesome nature. We have rented seven different apartments in our eight years of marriage.

“We have also been excommunicated from church twice because she was always at loggerheads with everyone there, “Olumide told the court.

“As a transporter, I leave home early and return late. My wife has therefore latched in on this to do whatever she likes.

“She picks the children from school as late as 7:00 pm and also entertains her lovers with her body and my food in our matrimonial home. My ears are full of her shameful acts. Our neighbours and even our children make regular report of her misdeeds to me.

“The paternity of our second child is still in question because I knew when last we slept before she came to announce to me that she was pregnant.

“After satisfying her lust with her lovers, she would then complain of headache and fatigue when it is time for us to make love and thus deny me s3x.

“Seeing that I kept demanding for my right, she devised a new means of rebuffing me. She now goes to bed wearing pants, short and trousers.

“She has come to court in order to save her face. She left a message with the children that she was attending a vigil at a church near us. I checked her there that night and met the church gate locked. No soul was around.

“She came back the next morning telling me all manners of lies. I went to report her to her uncle and told him if she still wants to remain in my home, she will be in purdah so as to curb her immoral acts, ”he said.

“I’m also no more interested in our union. She can also have the children, ”he concluded.

The court president, Chief Agbaje Olasunkanmi, after listening to both parties, noted that the love between the two has waned.

He, therefore, ruled that their marriage be dissolved. He also ordered that the petitioner have the custody of their children, while the respondent was asked to pay N12,000 as one year house rent to the plaintiff to secure a new apartment and N6,000 as the children’s feeding allowance.


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