A septuagenarian, Pa Basiru Lasisi Adebiyi, has brought his wife, Adijat Lasisi Adebiyi, before the Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo Hall, Ibadan, Oyo State, for a divorce over infidelity.

According to the man, he told the court that his wife had been wayward over the years. He particularly alleged that about two years ago, his wife started having an affair with a tenant who is a retired soldier.

“My wife cooks for the man and I suspect that their relationship is beyond tenant-landlord rapport. I have challenged her several times but she denied having an affair with the said man. Not only the tenant, I have seen some young men she interacts with and which I feel uncomfortable about. I have noticed a trait of unfaithfulness in her shortly after our marriage.”

Responding to the allegations, the defendant, said: “I’m not in support of the divorce because of the children and moreover, what I was alleged of is not true. I don’t have any extra marital affair with the soldier and others my husband mentioned. I think my husband has been charmed, so he doesn’t want to see me with any man, either young or old. Whenever he sees me discussing with an opposite sex, he would accuse me of having sex with him. We have seven children produced by our marriage which is about 50 years now. For the past five years, my husband has been sick to the extent that he had stroke. I feel the illness is also affecting the way he is thinking.

“He married three wives. I’m the first wife and the only one who stayed with him to take care of him. My husband did not trust me since we got married. Moreover, the tenant he mentioned has a wife. ”

President of the court, Chief Agbaje Henry Olasunkanmi, having listened to both parties, charged them that life is all about being patient and tolerant with fellow human being. He therefore gave the couple opportunity to go and think about and weigh their decisions. Sitting, he said, continues on November 11.


  1. Lol him sick suh like di hood naw Stan up Nuh more him worried yah now… Poor him den a wah him a wurried fah Chu di Oda 2 wife lef lol… What is dis.

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