skinny-calf-OptimizedAN inmate at WhaWha Prison was so embarrassed after he was caught being intimate with a calf in a cattle pen at the prison farm that he escaped from the correctional facility.

In shame, the prisoner took to his heels leaving a pack of prison guard who gave chase, eating dust.

Escape Officials at the prison said a report of escape from lawful custody had been lodged at Gweru Central Police Station.

The escape has only been identified as Tafadzwa.

“The prisoner was about to finish his sentence and was therefore on “A” class, meaning he was considered a low escape risk. He was no longer serving under guard. His duty was to look after the prison farm cattle,” said a source from the prison.

“A prison officer went to the cattle pen last week to check if all the animals had been locked in for the day.

The officer found Tafadzwa huffing and puffing, sweating and panting as he had sex with one of the calves,” said the source.

The source said the prison officer raised the alarm and Tafadzwa ran away on realizing that he had been caught.

“He was very fast. Efforts to catch him were futile and a report was made at Gweru Central Police Station,” said the source.

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services public relations officer for Midlands and Masvingo, Prison Officer Jere Ruzive confirmed the incident.

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