Man beds mistress in wife’s presence

A woman yesterday claimed her husband beds his girlfriends on their matrimonial bed in her presence.

Gladys Goronga alleged that her husband Zvichauya Ndlela brings his “sweethearts” at their matrimonial home to prove that he no longer loves her.

Goronga dragged Ndlela before the Harare Civil court seeking a protection order against him.

She told magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi that Ndlela assaults and rebukes her regularly, and chases her out of their home.

“He brings his girlfriends and has sex with them in my presence,” complained Goronga.

“If I ask him about his behaviour, he assaults me, saying he no longer loves me. Recently, he assaulted me after I forcibly took his mobile phone while he was talking to one of his girlfriends. He told me to go back to my parents’ home, saying he is no longer in a position to stay with a prostitute. In fact, he calls me a prostitute and he is in the habit of insulting me every day.”

Ndlela strenuously denied his wife’s allegations and turned the tables on her. He told the court that the problem was Goronga has many boyfriends.

“I am disputing what she is saying,” he said.

“The problem is that she has many boyfriends and if I ask her she assaults me. At one time I had to report the matter to the police because of her abuse. I have never called her a prostitute. She is demanding the sharing of property saying she wants to go and stay with her parents.”

Magistrate Siwardi dismissed the wife’s application saying there was clear evidence that Goronga was the one who abuses Ndlela

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