Dumped man demand lobola refund

A disgruntled Pumula North man in Bulawayo demanded his lobola deposit back after being ditched.


Bhekimpilo Ngwenya had hoped to marry his long lover Nosisa Masibi.

However, Nosisa’s mother later refused to bless the marriage.

Ngwenya had paid $2 275.

That led him to demand back part of the money and threatened to kill Nosisa whenever they meet. Nosisa went to court seeking a protection order.

“Ever since we parted ways he has been threatening that if ever he saw me with another man he will kill me.

“I am now leaving in fear”. Ngwenya said the protection order was to stop him demanding his money back.

“We had agreed that i was going to marry her and i paid a lobola deposit of $2 275.

“After some time i was shocked that her parents had refused to bless the marriage”. Ngwenya said when he demanded his money back, Nosisa’s family became hostile to him, hence a protection order.

However, the magistrate said Ngwenya should use proper channel to get his money back. He was ordered not to visit Nosisa at her house.

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