A 40-year-old man from Nherera in Mhondoro suddenly grew breasts after he allegedly stole and sold some cattles.

The Villagers believe the man identified as Acry Chinhivi Shayamano has been punished by the cattle owner.

50-year-old Hamilton Magaisa said, “We all know that Acry grew “oranges” because of his thieving. People who steal are punished in so many ways. I have no sympathy for him.”

Shayamano did admit that he was a thief but denied ever stealing a cattle.

“Who told you that I have grown “oranges”. Mine are not that bad. I never stole anyone’s cattle.

“I steal but not cattle. I stole some DVDs and I was arrested and ordered to pay a fine,” he said.

He said his grandmother lost two cows in February and that was the time he noticed his “oranges” growing. He said people just made a connection, which was not the case.

Acry said his “oranges” were not painful but were still growing. He said the “oranges” could be a side effect of the ARVs he was taking. He has been taking them for the past three years.

But some villagers are convinced that Acry is paying for his crime.

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