Man tells of torment at the hands of sex-crazed goblin

Neville Tselane is begging to be freed from a sex-crazed tokoloshe (goblin) that has enslaved him.

“I don’t want to do it anymore,” said the worn-out 46-year-old man from Tembisa, Ekurhuleni.

And he said his nightly torment, which has been taking place for half his life – 23 years – is the fault of a close family member.

He says this relative doesn’t want him to have a wife.

Neville said the merciless goblin drains him of his energy every night with its sexual demands as soon as he shuts his eyes.

And every night he dreams of sleeping with women he’s never met.

That may seem like normal sex, but he’s tired of it.

Nervous Neville said he can’t get on with people because of his quick temper.

He’s always alone because of the goblin. It doesn’t want him to be with other people.

“I can’t even attend funerals, parties or weddings,” Neville said. “I can’t see the tokoloshe, but I’m always scared of it.”

Sometimes it visits him twice a day. Neville can’t have a normal relationship with people as he fights with them.

He blames the goblin for his many failed relationships.

He’s tired of the goblin’s sex demands. “I want my freedom back,” he said.

Neville, who is the eldest in his family, raised his brothers and sisters and says he never expected his own blood and flesh to do this to him.

“I haven’t been home in 18 years because of this. I’m not on speaking terms with most of my family members.”

Traditional healer Mandla Mnqwazi said Neville is haunted by an evil spirit that targets men with soft natures.

Mnqwazi says Nevulle should mix ubhuqa muthi with sea salt and bath in it every night before going to bed.


  1. some people will read this and not believe mostly because the word goblin is used to describe the entity disturbing this person, but regardless of it’s name these malevolent beings are real and these things happen all the time all over the world, for the most part these entities are invoked by knowledgeable people who knows how to manipulate energies and send them out to disturb human beings, but make no doubt about it, they exist, they are real….

  2. I really have no idea, it may be some traditional medicine they work with in that part of Africa, I(their language), however in Africa the medicine people work a lot with herbs, plants, they have the knowledge of which plant can cure what, and along with incantations, they will wet the plants put it out in the sun to dry for a day, then ground in mortar and pestle or use a stone grinder, add additional things to it, all coming from nature and then wake the spirit up from the leaves with incantations (words in tonal language). There are three spiritual secrets in metaphysics, while I will not give away the secrets I will give the names, they are called they three S’s….SALT, SULPHUR AND SAND, anyone who knows how to use these items….aye bwoy….but as usual we promote that all spiritual knowledge should be used for good and to assist, if however it is used for bad, it is the CHARACTER OF THE HUMAN BEING WITH THE KNOWLEDGE, NOT THE ITEMS USED IN THE ACT R THE RELIGION OR TRADITION, the gun stays quiet until human hands but it to use!!!

  3. Hi met, plenty!!!….and it can be used for plenty of good too, SALT can create confusion and cause fights and even death if used a certain way, I am sure you have heard that if salt is spilled quarrel most certainly can or will take place, SALT, SULPHUR AND SAND CAN BE USED FOR GOOD AND BAD!!…SALT IS HOWEVER VERY POWERFUL

  4. If you are suspicious that people are putting bad things in front of you house or your door, salt can be used to spoil the bad work, salt can bring back your dreams if you someone lock your eyes so you are able to remember your dreams, salt can block people from making money and separate families, Salt if from nature and nature never lie!!

  5. yes ooo!!..SEA SAND ESPECIALLY!…any metaphysician who have sense, (not all have what dem CLAIM to have), will know this, whote peole who study Kabbalah or Rosicrucian’s and martinist knows this, traditional people knows this!!…the ones who are quiet adept!!

  6. Psalm 24 vs 1

    A Psalm of David. The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein,

    Dirt is very powerful, all these thing are nothing to fear, it is the human being who is wicked!!!

  7. True ting Obara, these things are to be used in a positive scope to help us on our way, but because of the ignorancemisunderstandings people condemn such practises, but then again a lot of people use it to inflict evil on people which is very wrong and dangerous…

    1. Its ignorance to a point but remember the slaves had to abort these practices … and modern day africans are now condemning them

  8. Modern day Africans condemn the practice in public, but the hypocrites are on our compound every day, I am coming met, to explain de sulphur, mek ah go fi de plug fi de computer it dying

  9. Sulphur can again do good and also evil, sulphur can be used with brown sugar and other things to clean your house, remove negativity, it is said that it is an element that witches respect, yes I said witches, like goblins they are real…you choose to believe or not…Sulphur burned as incense along with certain herbs can bring abundance into your home, with no repercussions, but it must not be abused, to do so is to bring trouble into your life, Sulphur along with other items can make medicine for gun protection bullet proof, or wound proof…should I go on??!!

  10. Sulphur has a very bad smell, but there is power in the odor, like the womb, which is the most powerful of all, women do not know their power, lol they do not know, Sulphur can make chiefs, Kings and queens, if used correctly, on it’s own it can be deadly, coupled with other components it can bulid a city!!

  11. Sulphur when prepared and given to a woman to sleep with it overnight tucked away in her vagina can make a bullet NEVER touch the human skin!!!….WOMAN KNOW THY SELF GOD HAS PLACED THE SECRET OF LIFE WITHIN THY WOMB!!! LOL!!

  12. Sketel Bam, mi really cyan tell yuh de sinting whey we use caws dat plant don’t grow here, but if yuh really serious when I travel, I will send some for you to try it, and then you come back and give me de feed back, chruss mi, it workkkkkkkk!!!!!…..,I nah lie…if yuh serious I will do this for you!!!

  13. im also being tormented,this man comes to sleep with me every night,my situation is the same as that of Nevvile how can i get ubhuqa muthi.and how do i use sulfur and brown sugar.

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