IN search of greener pastures, he left his rural home, Nyamandlovu, Matabeleland North and went to South Africa where he got a job, not an ordinary one, but to allegedly sleep with a goblin.

Such is the story of Mike Ncube who is reportedly anguishing in pain as his organ has remained erect for more than a month and turned purple in colour.

Ncube left for South Africa two years ago and as fate would have it, lady luck | was not on his side as he failed, to get a “decent” job.

Life became difficult for Ncube and while looking for a job he met someone who told him that there was a vacancy at a certain house in Kuruman town in Northern Cape and they needed a male.

Out of desperation, he reportedly went with the man without even asking anything pertaining to the job.

Upon arrival at the house, they found his employer who told him that he needed someone to stay at his house and look, after his “things” since he was based in Johannesburg.

Little did he know that the word “things” was not only referring to property, but was referring to a goblin.

Ncube was offered a R3 000 salary and he was going to be supplied with food and clothes.

“At first I was not told that there was more to the job besides looking after the house. Two days later, my boss told me that there was no need for me to look for a girlfriend as he already had one for me.

“When he asked me if that was okay with me, I agreed and that is when he took me to a bedroom where we found a weird short woman sitting on the bed.

“I was dumb-founded for a few minutes but at the same time thought of my problems and the money I had been offered therefore pretended to be strong.”

Ncube claims that he had sex with the strange “woman” and he never enjoyed, but only did it to satisfy the “goblin.”

“I slept with that strange creature for six months and then this other day my organ stayed erect after having sex and on the following day its colour changed to purple.

“I told my boss about what I was going through and he came and gave me money to seek help from traditional healers, but there was no improvement.

“I went home seeking help from prophets, but to no avail and now I have returned to South Africa to collect money from my boss so that I can pay traditional healers,” said Ncube. ‘

When the employer, Euphen Dube was contacted for comment, he refuted the allegations saying: “I do not know of the goblins you are talking about and the money I offered Ncube is to assist him since he is my former employee.”

However, some medical experts say Ncube could be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease and they refuse to buy the story of sleeping with the said goblin.

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