A MUTARE man is accusing his wife of cheating with his boss after coming across juicy Whatsapp messages between the two.

This was after Sandra Chinduru had approached Mutare Civil Courts seeking a protection order against her violent husband, Lloyd Mushanyuki.

In her application, Chinduru stated that Mushanyuki was in the habit of assaulting her with kicks and blows in front of their three minor children.

She also told the court that he was violent towards her even at her workplace where he followed her and beat her up.

“He also threatened to kill me and that is the reason why I moved out of my matrimonial home together with my children. All this is because of his false claims that I am having extra-marital affairs. I need the law to protect me against him because he now follows me and assaults me in public,” she said.

Asked on why he acted unlawfully by being violent towards his wife, Mushanyuki told the court that his wife was a cheat and that he had managed to get obscene text messages she exchanged with his boss on Whatsapp.

“I went to the police with the messages, but they said that she would sue me since they claimed I had no legal right to invade her privacy, being her phone in this matter. Your Worship, I also could not confront my boss because I feared losing my job. I opted to confront my wife and her father. Her father promised to come and talk to us, but he never did,” he said.

Mushanyuki also told the court that it was evident that she was cheating on him since there were photos of his boss and Chinduru in compromising poses in her phone.

He also dismissed claims that he had threatened to kill her if she moved out of their matrimonial home.

“She is the one who threatened to commit suicide and she went to stay at our other house in Dangamvura. She cannot claim that she moved out of her matrimonial house because she is still using our family house. Your Worship, why on earth should I be violent on someone who came out in the open and said that she no longer loved me but my boss? I do not mind you granting her the order because it does not disturb me at all,” he told the court.

The protection order against Mushanyuki was granted to Chinduru and he was barred from assaulting and insulting her.

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