A WEDDING day is supposed to be one of the most important and happiest days in a woman’s life, but this was not to be for a lady from Emakhandeni.

The reason – guests for her Christmas Eve wedding refused to eat because the chicken she had especially prepared for her big day was rotten.

Mavis Ngwenya went to court yesterday seeking to be a refund of $242 she had paid Onias Dube, also of Emakhandeni, for the supply of 42 birds. Dube then delivered rotten chickens that ruined her wedding on December 24 last year.

Ngwenya told magistrate Victor Mpofu that when she confronted Dube about the issue, he promised to pay back the money, but failed to honour the promise.

She said Dube signed an affidavit stating that he would repay her, but later refused saying the repayment would result in him incurring a loss.

She said the man told her that he suspected that one of his children disconnected electricity supply to their refrigerator, resulting in the chickens going bad.

Dube did not attend the hearing, and a default judgment compelling him to repay Ngwenya was delivered.

“I was very disappointed to discover on the day of the wedding that the chickens were rotten. The cooks tried to marinate it but you could still taste the rottenness of the meat,” Ngwenya said.

“People could not eat it and I don’t think even the dogs could eat that. I want my money back because no one ate the meat. Sometimes he says I’m lying and says the chickens were fine when he delivered them.”

The magistrate advised her to buy chickens from registered chicken dealers next time she plans something big.

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