The trial of Abundant Life Ministries Pastor, Danmore Magorimbo continued at the Harare Magistrate’s Court, amid drama involving a ring that is alleged to have supernatural powers.

There was drama in court when defence lawyer, Charles Chinyama asked the complainant’s husband if he could identify the ring the accused was wearing on his right hand when they claim the ring contains supernatural power.

Mr Chinyama took four rings and put them in front of the complainant’s husband and warned him not to touch them.

The complainant’s husband froze for a while and began shaking before telling Prosecutor Michael Reza “I am not feeling well anymore”.

Mr Reza advised the court.

The magistrate, Adonia Masawi asked him what is it he was feeling and he replied, “I felt like an electric shock and I cannot continue testifying anymore”.

Mr Masawi ordered the ring to be taken away from the witness.

During the time the witness was shaking the accused was laughing as if he was in a trance.

The matter was remanded to Monday after the witness said he was feeling numb and could not continue.

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