A man has approached the courts complaining that his wife has denied him conjugal rights for more than 10 years.

Godfrey Ruwande alleges his wife Abigail Chingwa has denied him sex since 2003.

Ruwande told Harare Civil Court magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi that Chingwa engages in extra-marital activities and assaults him if he questions her.

He said Chingwa stopped bedding him after she began an affair with a man he suspects to be her workmate.

“She has been denying me conjugal rights since 2003 when she started seeing another man,” Ruwande said.

“She assaulted me when I asked for intimacy because I was suffering sexually. She once locked me out of the house after assaulting me when I caressed her hoping she would give in to my advances.

“Abby threatened to kill me and since 2003 she has been sleeping on a sofa which she has turned into her bed. I also saw a love message in her mobile phone from her boyfriend.”

Ruwande pleaded with the court to evict Chingwa from their matrimonial home and to return the keys to the house.

Chingwa refuted her husband’s allegations, saying she has never assaulted him.

“I dispute everything that he is saying,” argued Chingwa.

“The message he is alleging belongs to my sister who was using my phone to receive messages from her husband.”

Magistrate Siwardi dismissed Ruwande’s application, saying the assault only occurred once and he should have filed a police report.

She said Chingwa cannot be evicted from the house because it was their matrimonial property.

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