A marriage proposal has been withdrawn after a maid from Zimbabwe was allegedly raped three days before her marriage

The 24-year-old housemaid was allegedly raped and infected with HIV by her employer’s brother.

Christopher Kufazwineyi (44) of Dulibadzimu suburb in Beitbridge appeared before regional magistrate Joseph Maveza facing rape charges.

Allegations were that on February 3 2014, Kufazwineyi went to his brother’s house and found the maid alone in the kitchen.

He allegedly carried her from the kitchen to her bedroom and forced himself on her.

However, Kufazwineyi pleaded not guilty to the charge and denied raping the woman claiming that they were lovers.

He added that the maid was the one who invited him to the house and was surprised when she reported him to the police that he had raped her.

He also said the woman knew about his HIV status.

“She knew I was HIV-positive when I discussed with her about the issue of having children. She said she did not want to have children. My intention was to marry her,” Kufazwineyi said.

Prosecutor Johannes Tlou asked Kufazwineyi how the court should believe that he was not fabricating evidence as there was no evidence in his phone to suggest that they were lovers.

There were only “please call me back” messages from the woman’s number. The woman said the call back messages were sent to Kufazwineyi by his daughter who stays with his younger brother.

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