courthouseA pregnant woman in Nigeria who was arrested after cutting her husband’s manhood has said she was trying to defend herself because he was beating her up.

Bimbo Ajetumobi Daniju who works at Eco Bank Plc, has said: “Please, kindly judge this by yourself. As a pregnant woman, will I willingly attempt to cut off my husband’s penis?

“I ordinarily would not have said anything. I did not realise this will escalate to this stage. The case is being handled by my lawyer at the moment.

“My husband is not a hot-tempered man but he gets angry once in a while. He lied that he washes my clothes. He only did that once or twice when I was ill.

“We had a disagreement that day and he beat me up. My mother came to the house and took away our son.

The husband, Lekan, a gospel singer in his church in Surulere, was in pain as he explained that he got into marriage with Bimbo against his pastor’s advice.

He said, “My pastor had advised me against marrying her because of an encounter he had with her.

“Before we got married, in a meeting with Bimbo, my pastor said he asked her about her past and my wife said, ‘How dare you!’

“Of course, I did not believe my pastor at the time because I was in love. But now, I rue the day I met that woman.

Lekan alleged that his wife had been behaving strangely since he lost his job. He stated that he had done everything he could to ensure that she remained happy.

“I wash her clothes including her underwear. Even without a job, I ensure that the proceeds of my gospel music CD are used to take care of her and our son,” he said.

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