HAVING endured incessant assaults, insults and witchcraft allegations from his extended family forced a Mutare senior citizen to approach the court praying for protection.

Patson Tawana Chakwanda, who is in his late 60s, dragged his young brother, Renos Makumbu to court claiming that he was the ring-leader of the group that was labelling him a wizard.

Presiding over the matter was Mrs Annie Ndiraya.

The protection order which bars Makumbu from assaulting, insulting, labelling Chakwanda a wizard and visiting his place of residence was granted.

Chakwanda told the court that his life was a living hell for the past five years with Makumbu torturing him both verbally and physically, accusing him of bewitching their family.

“I know no peace since my young brother fell sick, Your Worship.

“I had employed him when he fell sick. This prompted Makumbu and other family members to join forces and labelling me a wizard. They accused me of causing my brother’s illness.

“These people have forced-marched me to several traditional healers and prophets trying to force me to confess of the alleged witchcraft allegations.

“I am always being absolved of any wrongdoings. This has not stopped them from tormenting me,” he said.

He begged the court to help him stop the unnecessary pestering from his relatives, saying he was now fearing for his life since Makumbu and his colleagues were in the habit of making nocturnal visits to his residence shouting obscenity at him.

Chakwanda also told the court that Makumbu had turned all the children against him after feeding them with lies that he had goblins and had acquired witchcraft from traditional healers.

Makumbu did not deny calling his brother a wizard and disturbing his peace.

He said it was in his powers to confront his brother on misfortunes befalling the family. He said it was common knowledge in their family that Chakwanda was the source of their problems.

“We all know he consulted traditional healers and was given charms that stop other family members from prospering in life.

“His family is the only one succeeding in life, while us we are being tormented by his goblins.

“Only his daughters get married. That only just gives one reason to cry foul,” said Makumbu.

Mrs Ndiraya warned Makumbu against labelling his brother a wizard and being violent towards him.

She warned him that it was a criminal offence to label someone a witch as well as breaching the peace order.

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