Soldier knocked down with brick for greeting man’s girlfriend
by Staff reporter
30 November 2013 | 1763 Views
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DRIVEN by jealous, a 21 year-old man from Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park suburb flew into a rage and knocked down a soldier with a brick in the forehead resulting in him falling unconscious, a magistrate heard.

The victim, Mr Thubelihle Hwadalala’s crime was that he had greeted Mr Mthandazo Moyo girlfriend while the two lovebirds were taking an evening walk in the high-density suburb.

Western Commonage magistrate Mr Themba Chimiso heard how on the evening of 22 November, Mr Moyo (21) angered by Mr Hwadalala when he greeted his girlfriend, went berserk and attacked the victim.

Prosecuting, Mr Kingston Mukanganwi narrated how Mr Moyo and Mr Hwadalala met at Cowdray Park while the former was taking an evening walk with his girlfriend.

“Mr Hwadalala was coming from the Cowdray Park bus terminus when he met Mr Moyo and his girlfriend walking hand-in-hand in the street and he greeted the girl and it did not go down well with the accused,” said Mr Mukanganwi.

In a fit of jealous, Mr Moyo got angry, picked a brick and hit Mr Hwadalala in the forehead and he fell down.

As if that was not enough, the enraged Moyo invited his five friends who are still at large and they continued to assault the victim until he lost consciousness.

Soon after committing the offence, the court was told, Mr Moyo and his friends fled leaving the helpless Hwadalala lying in a pool of his blood.

Mr Mukanganwi said the victim managed to regain consciousness and trudged to the police station where he reported the matter leading to Moyo’s arrest. Hwadalala was taken to hospital where he was treated and discharged.

According to a medical report, the victim sustained bruises in the forehead and a cut on the upper lip.

Mr Chimiso denied Moyo bail and remanded him to 4 December.

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