Teacher impregnated Form Two pupil, fined $200

A MBERENGWA High School teacher who fell in love with a Form Two pupil (15) and impregnated her has been fined $200.

In her warned and cautioned statement, the complainant said her woodwork teacher at Mpandashango High School Zibusiso Msindazi had s*xual intercourse with her since last year until she fell pregnant.

Msindazi appeared before Mberengwa resident magistrate Mrs Evia Matura facing charges of having s*xual intercourse with a young person.

He pleaded guilty to the charge, but said the two were in love.

Mrs Matura fined him $200 or alternatively the teacher faces a three month imprisonment term if he defaults on the fine. It was not said in court if the girl had delivered.

Prosecuting, Mr Stanley Ncube told the court that Msindazi proposed love to the pupil in 2015 and she agreed.

“On May 26 last year, the accused person invited the complainant and her friend to sleep at his house. The complainant agreed and she was accompanied by her friend.

“The complainant’s friend was told to sleep in the same room with the accused person’s sister whilst the complainant slept in the sitting room on a sofa,” said Mr Ncube.

He said the teacher who was sleeping in his bedroom woke up at around midnight and went into the room where the complainant was sleeping.

The court heard that the two had consensual s*x twice that night.

On May 31, Mr Ncube said, the accused person asked the complainant and her friend to come to sleep at his house again and they agreed.

“When the complainant’s friend was asleep, the accused person had s*xual intercourse with the complainant twice with her consent.

“The accused person and the complainant continued to have s*xual encounters until her grandmother discovered that she was pregnant.

“She asked her who was responsible but the complainant refused to tell her grandmother. The complainant’s friend who was questioned by the complainant’s grandmother told her that the complainant’s teacher was responsible and the complainant confirmed it,” said Mr Ncube.

He said the complainant’s grandmother accompanied the complainant to make a report to the police leading to the arrest of the accused person.


  1. That is some backward shyt…how u gonna charge a chicken feed fine n if him nuh pay it will be a few months in jail for a serious crime such as carnal abuse? ??

    consensual doesn’t apply as it has been established through many conclusive studies that at certain young ages,the victim is incapable of sound judgment to give consent! ??

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