TEACHERS at Musita Primary School in Masakadza area, Gokwe North, who recently fled the school after their homes were allegedly mysteriously pelted by stones at night, have engaged a tsikamutanda(traditional exorcist) to conduct a cleansing ceremony at the school.
The teachers threatened to desert the school or resign if the ministry or other relevant authorities failed to take immediate action.
The teachers, whose life had turned into a living nightmare following the mysterious incident, approached Chief Nemangwe to hire a tsikamutanda to help with the situation.
Chief Nemangwe said he engaged a tsikamutanda last week who was conducting the cleansing ceremony at the school as well as helping in identifying the culprit.
“I was approached by teachers who asked me to engage a tsikamutanda to conduct a cleansing ceremony at the school. The teachers threatened to resign while some threatened to transfer if the situation remained the same,” he said.
The traditional leader said the teachers started having the weird experience two weeks ago when they were awakened by a mysterious torrent of stones that cracked their asbestos roofs while the headmistress’s property was destroyed after a huge stone fell into the house.
He said the matter was reported to police and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
“As a traditional leader I felt that there could be more to it. So we engaged a tsikamutanda after we approached the police and provincial education director Mrs (Agnes) Gudo. The teachers had fled the school and lessons had been abandoned. Our greatest fear is that teachers will start shunning this school,” said Chief Nemangwe.
Mrs Gudo said the ministry was still carrying out investigations.
“I can confirm that we received a report that teachers’ houses at Musita Primary School in Gokwe were being pelted by stones. We are investigating the matter but we have instructed the teachers to resume lessons while we look for ways to resolve the matter,” she said.
The first incident occurred on 6 July during the night when the houses were pelted by mysterious stones.
The asbestos roofs were destroyed by the mysterious rocks.
Some of the teachers sought sanctuary in nearby villages while some pupils stopped coming to school.
The stones continued falling resulting in the teachers approaching the village head to engage a tsikamutanda.

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