A couple from Mzilikazi in Bulawayo apparently struck a deal to allegedly engage in extra-marital sex in their marriage. This was after they both didn’t dispute a string of infidelity accusations they were levelling against each other in court.

Fortunate Matingwina and her husband James Matingwina shocked a Bulawayo magistrate Charity Maphosa sitting at the Bulawayo civil court when they both allegedly confessed to having sidekicks apparently to fulfil their sexual desires. It all started after Fortunate, who was seeking a protection order against James, accusing him of sexually abusing her by forcing her to engage in sex while coming from another bout of sex with his girlfriend. In a typical tit-for-tat situation, James said he was not forcing her to engage in sex since he was fully aware that she also had a boyfriend who was taking care of her sexual needs.
“I am married to James under the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 and he has been violent for the past 11 years. He has a girlfriend in Gwanda and he is in the habit of taking our child with him when visiting her. When he comes back from seeing his girlfriend he forces me to engage in sex with him and when I refuse he becomes violent. I no longer love him,” fumed Fortunate.

In his defence, James said he was aware that his wife was refusing to engage in sex with him because she had a boyfriend.

“I am not even forcing her to engage in sex with me since I know that she has a boyfriend. The protection order she is seeking is just a plot to be free with her boyfriend. When I tried to talk to her so that we stop engaging in sex outside marriage she refused and she’s still going out with her boyfriend. This all started when her brother hit my son with a steel bar leading to his death and her family is protecting him from being arrested and that is the source of our problems,” said James.

In her comment before passing judgment the magistrate said the parties were in constant misunderstandings over extra- marital affairs that each of them is engaged in. she also stated that James was still bitter about the death of his son who is alleged to have been killed by Fortunate’s brother. The magistrate however, ordered James not to be violent and abusive towards his wife or threaten her in any way.


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