She denied me s*x for 6yrs, accused me of using her for rituals —Husband

A woman, Emily Adeniji has brought a divorce suit against her husband, Adebayo Adeniji at the Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Emily in her suit stated that her husband was diabolical in nature and had succeeded in ruining their marriage and her life through his fetish activities.

She thus prayed the court to end their 32-year-old marriage and grant her custody of their two children.

“My lord, my husband has almost turned me into a moron through his diabolic acts; he has succeeded in ruining my life, “Emily stated in court.

“Things were going on well with me at the outset of our marriage, but before I knew it, I started experiencing some difficulties which cause I couldn’t explain and didn’t have rest of mind. My husband was controlling my life and activities through spiritual means and I never knew it. My fortune was dwindling at a fast rate while my health was deteriorating. I became a regular face at the hospital. I was also visiting finance houses in order to secure loans to revive my business. My husband showed no concern or support as I ran from pillar to post.

“I once caught him calling my name into a calabash with a lid. He was chanting into the calabash and decreeing that I should do whatever he instructed me to do.

“I almost fainted when I caught him carrying out this devilish act which he pleaded I shouldn’t tell anyone. We started experiencing a strain in our relationship since then, “she said.

“My lord, I stopped enjoying s*x with my husband because I bled profusely any time we did. This wasn’t my experience when we were newly married. We were once about making love when I discovered he has incisions on his manhood. I then understood why I bled during intercourse; he was using me for ritual purpose.

“He stopped sleeping regularly at home since then and started keeping string of lovers whose virtues he went on draining through his spiritual means, “she stated.

Adebayo did not admit to claim.

Giving his evidence, he stated thus:” My lord, I did not use my wife for rituals. I was going through some challenges and went to see a prophet for help. He told me to buy a calabash and pour water into it. He further instructed me to write out some scriptures of the Bible and put them in the water and drink.

“She saw me with the calabash and accused me of being involved in rituals. I threw the calabash away but she stopped having s*x with me since then. The last time we had s*x was six years ago.

“She fought me and packed her property out of my house when I impregnated and married another woman. She moved in again after a while and since then had moved her things out and in again ten times.

“My lord, she’s in the procession of my documents. They are documents of my property. She seized them from me and has vowed not to return them. I pray this honourable court to please retrieve them from her, “the defendant concluded.

After he had listened to the couple, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade stated that more evidence would be needed.

He, therefore, adjourned the case till May 15, and asked the duo to come to court with their parents and other witnesses.

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