Gbaremu Customary Court, Ijokodo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the nine-year-old wedlock between Morufat Opeyemi and her husband, Rafiu Opeyemi. Morufat told the court she and her husband often fight after which she would move out of his house.

According to her, her mind is now made up on leaving her husband.

She added that their last child is not his husband’s.

The court asked Morufat who the father of their last child is and she replied, “It was a man I worked with sometime ago who produces building blocks.”

Again, the court asked if she was ready to release the first three children to her husband and she answered ‘no.’

Rafiu told the court, “I am ready to divorce my wife because of her adulterous lifestyle. She comes home with different men in my absence and she has also confessed that only three out of our four children are mine. I want my children to be under my care.”

Before giving his judgment, the court president, Mr Edward Olalere Fadugba, asked the plaintiff if he was capable of looking after the three children if their custody was granted him and he answered in the affirmative.

Giving his judgment, Fadugba stated that the evidence before the court showed that both parties are no longer interested in each other.

He, therefore, dissolved their union and ordered the defendant to be responsible for the education and health care of their three children.

He was also directed to pay N3, 000 monthly to the plaintiff for the feeding of the last child until he is 6 years old.

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