He beat and threw me in the gutter naked, left me there unconscious —Wife

A woman, Tawakalitu Sikiru has dragged her husband, Afeez sikiru before Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that their 10-year-old union be ended.

Tawakalitu had filed for divorce against her husband on the accounts of acts of irresponsibility and battery.

The plaintiff further in her suit prayed for the custody of their only child if her prayer of divorce was granted.

Sikiru acceded to divorce stating that his wife was dubious and a prostitute adding that he had had enough of her atrocities.

Tawakalitu stated that: “My lord, if I had known that my husband was an irresponsible man while we were courting, I wouldn’t have married him. Our 10- year-old marriage has been nothing but hell.

“He’s irresponsible and always looking for an easy way out of every situation knowing full well that it won’t work or last.

“When I was pregnant with our only child, he refused to play the expected role; I was the one responsible for the purchase of our baby’s items. He gave me no dime.

“I asked him for money to register in the hospital but he declined. He asked me to register at the mission house where the medical fee is relatively low and I refused because I was aware of their shortcomings. I, therefore, registered at a government hospital and bore all the medical expenses till I put to bed, “the plaintiff stated.

“My husband is a pathological liar. When he says good morning, you can be sure it’s night.

“He collected N70, 000 on my behalf from a micro finance bank, LAPO, but took N30, 000 out of it. When I complained, he beat the hell out of me and tore my clothes leaving me naked. He didn’t leave me until I fell into the gutter and I became unconscious. I learnt it was our neighbours who rushed me to the hospital.

“Although we were living under the same roof after I was discharged, we were neither communicating nor relating as a couple for three months.

“During one of the nights, I felt ill and became suspicious of him because of the way he was behaving in the room. I slept with an eye opened. I believe he wanted to strangle me.

“Aside taking full responsibility of our 7-year-old child’s welfare, I also bear the expenses of taking care of his late wife’s children because he cares less about their welfare, “Tawakalitu stated.

Giving his evidence, Afeez stated that; “My lord, my wife accused me of lying, but she’s not better. Our marriage was contracted 14 years ago and not 10 years.”

“It is true I helped her collect money from LAPO four times but I took forty percent of the whole sum based on the agreement we both had. I promised to make a refund of the sum instalmentally.

“She knew I didn’t spend the money on frivolities. I used it in offsetting my first wife’s medical expenses while in the hospital. Unfortunately, she died of the illness, “he stated.

“My lord, my wife is a harlot. She sells fish but deliberately stays back in shop because of her lovers who she lies are her customers.

“I warned her when she was collecting loan from LAPO to ensure she invested it in a lucrative business but she turned to me a deaf ear. She spent the money on plasma television, some household wares and clothes and started lamenting when she was due to pay back the loan.

“My lord, she can go if she so wishes but I want custody of our only child, Afeez concluded.

Having listened to the duo, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje stated that the court needed more evidence before judgment was given.

Ruling, he adjourned the case till July 25, and asked both parties to come to court with their child and parents.

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