A housewife in Lagos state, Afusat Simpa, says she is tired of her 51 year old husband, Mohammed Simpa who cannot go beyond one round of sex. Speaking to The Sun, Afusat says her husband’s inability to satisfy her sexually has caused them to have constant quarrels. According to her, she expects him to go three rounds whenever they have sex.
“I expect my husband to be able to take me to orgasm whenever I wish to make love to him. But no, that is not the case; instead he would stop at one round breathing as if he just climbed a mountain. It is unac­ceptable. But I understand his predicament,” she said.

The father of four attributed his partial impotency to an accident he sustained in 2003 while working at a pharmaceutical company some years ago. Ac­cording to him, he was injured above his pelvis and was operated upon. The operation from the injury he claimed affected his performance as a man.

“That day, I was on morning shift, to close work around 2pm. My supervisor, Wilson Oyedele, who was on afternoon shift that day de­layed me and asked me to work with the people on afternoon shift because there were few people working on afternoon shift”, he stated. I was told to work from 2pm and close by 5pm,” he contin­ued.


“That day loading started around 5pm and the gate to the warehouse was faulty to the extent that we used plank to suspend it when we open and close it. I was in a hurry to go home because I did not inform my family that I would be com­ing back late from work. The boy offloading was too slow for my liking so I went to assist him, in the process I was hit by the bad gate. In a place of work when an employee gets injured, they compensate them , but they did not do that, I wrote a letter to management while I was work­ing there but my supervisor said that I am still working with them and I want them to com­pensate me.

He told them to put my name in the retrenchment list in 2005. When I went back to work on the 20th of June, after four months they released the re­trenchment list and told me that my service was no longer needed, I went to meet them and they said that they wanted to reduce the number of staff.”

Simpa said effort to get the hospital remove the iron at­tached to his body has been futile since the hospital has not had any communication from Glaxosmithkline to commence treatment on him. Therefore, he resorted to taking painkillers and self-medication to survive while waiting for the company.

“I have been to hospital but they refused to treat me. Even the human resource officer that no longer works there told me that if I am not given a letter, I would not be treated. I even went to meet the doctor that op­erated on me at LUTH, but he told me to pay N5,000 before he would attend to me or recom­mend drugs that I would take. What I have been doing since then is to engage in one job or another then use the money to buy Ampiclox , Vitamin C, Pan­adol and pain relieving drugs to relieve the pains.”

Afusat says she takes solace in the fact that she has had all her children

“I take sol­ace in the fact that I already had four children before the inci­dent. If not so, I would not have taken it easy with him. How can a man not have strength to do more than one round. It is not good. If he finishes one round he would be looking for sleep to regain strength. Several times, I have com­plained, even got angry with him despite knowing what hap­pened to him. Before the ac­cident, he was agile and I was always praying that no woman should have sex with him be­cause he knows how to satisfy a woman. She says she has tried all she could to improve her husband’s condition. She has introduced him to local herb popularly called ‘Afato’

“As a man of peace, he would console me and plead with me that things will improve. I have tried to help him improve it. Sometimes I would buy him drinks or tell him not to work much, yet it would always re­solve to the same thing,” she stated


  1. If mi laughs mi piss up in yah :ngakak no sah! Mi alone caah laugh mi call fi help. Ooman say him done one round an a gwan like him climb a mountain. Dwpcl no sah!

    1. Latty mi deh yah ah laugh wid yuh :ngakak She really fava Mt. Kilimanjaro weh di poor man haffi climb. She nuh hab sex appeal but ah demand 3 rounds :ngakak Ooman tek yuh one lap and galang ah yuh bed….

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