A polygamous ‘panel beater’ ran out of luck recently when his wife caught him trying to marry another woman at an Apostolic Masowe Church service.

The woman was shocked as the madzibaba-cum-marriage-officer failed to use his supposed divine powers to ascertain that Life Magwenzi, a panel beater by profession, was already married with children.

This came to light at the Maintenance Court yesterday where Phoebie Masarirambi was claiming $602 from Magwenzi for her upkeep and that of her minor child.

“This man is a bed hopper and he has guts to tell the courts that he has been supporting us. At one time I caught him trying to marry another woman Emasowe and his trusted faith healers failed to detect he was already married. They almost officiated at the marriage. He has never even bought me underwear and disappears from home only to reappear after days. I cannot take this anymore,” said Masarirambi, shedding tears.

Magwenzi was quick to interject and accused his wife of denying him conjugal rights.

“The reason I am never at home is that this woman refuses to have sex with me all the time. It has been three years since we shared a bed and her excuse is always that I am promiscuous. I cannot accept that you honour,” he said.

He added, “I am self-employed and there is no guarantee that I will raise the $602 she is claiming,” he said.

Masarirambi said that she was not having sex with her husband because she scared of contracting diseases since Magwenzi was “promiscuous.”

“Your worship there is no way I can sleep with a bed hopper. I just need him to take care of us as he now stays with his girlfriends.”

Magistrate Mpofu ordered Magwenzi to pay $300 for the upkeep of his wife and one minor child with effect from end of January.

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