A woman kicked out her husband from their matrimonial home after claiming she allegedly dreamt of him having an extra-marital affair, the Civil Court heard last week.

Everisto Chifana claimed his wife – Chiteme Mutale – was always suspecting that he was not being faithful.

Mutale was seeking a protection order against Chifana whom she accused of physically and verbally abusing her.

“He is in the habit of physically abusing me, yet he just paid a little to my parents,” she said.

Mutale told magistrate Ms Ruth Kamangira that Chifana was also in the habit of chasing her out of their matrimonial home each time they quarrelled.

“I want this honourable court to bar him from physically or verbally abusing me because he is denying me peace,” said Mutale.

Chifana denied the allegations levelled against him by Mutale and accused her of chasing him out of their matrimonial home.

“I am currently staying at a new place because she chased me out of our matrimonial house claiming that she dreamt of me cheating on her with other women,” he said.

Chifana told the court that Mutale had always been suspecting that he was having an extra-marital affair.

“She lied when she said I am in the habit of physically abusing her because she is the one who does that to me,” Chifana said.

Chifana, however, told the court that he was not opposed to Mutale’s application.

Ms Kamangira granted the order in Mutale’s favour which barred Chifana from physically or verbally abusing her. She also ordered Chifana to keep peace towards Mutale at all times.

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