Y dis jamaican siocialite nuh wa tek care r pickney dem..she put up a front pan social media like a she a raise dem wen a lie….imagine she deh wid man weh have money…an are son have a a major health problem an she wont even tek money frm r man fi carry d likkle boy guh do surgery…she rather dress up an go rass party…bun mi fi woman like dem ya man

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  1. So Question sender. how is seding this in gonna change the child’s health issue?? You know seh mi feel a hate you a hate on the girl, a class you want we metters class up the girl .if shes not caring for her children obviously someone else is, go tek up ur gripe with those guardian may you and them can vome up with a better solution. When you help for the better of the child then come back come enlighten we. Not gonna be used to do unno dirty work no more smh

  2. Dah young man nuh seem impress eidah…lol look pan him face even when she a rub up pan im..Lady if a true bout u chile u need fi do bettah. Sendah mi nuh mind di suss but u si when it come on to children mi nuh like it at all. Suh why u nevah send har a personal note? She come ovah here often? BTW if u notice di chile suffering guh call chile services or sinting suh di chile can get proprah look aftah.

  3. U kno a yesterday mi ask bout her cause along time mi nuh hear nothing negative about her.mi think she did leave the party scene.I hope she change her life style. .some of dem dancehall tete need to retire now…

  4. thw truth of the story is that platinum kids with there dad and older siblings.The father of the children is extremely irresponsible so that says alot if she mek d kids dem live with [email protected] y should the sender tek her poor self i am just assuming and sort out platie kids when platie say she a live the rich life.It is disgusting to see the 3 boys all hours of night a roam down a d gaza.the people dem down there sorry fi dem.Di kids have to walk and trust things sometimes.mother nuh business with dem daddy barely care.di likkle girl is so pretty but she need care.di time she spend on ig fronting she go b a mom.

  5. Very pretty lady but sadly that’s not enough in 2014. How come gyal like Platie don’t have luxury house or apartment ? car? Shop? Lovely kids though but she’s not exactly a decent role model pretty face but bad character. Big up Kb cause you turn a hoe into a house wife. Girl needs to get a Job or education because she’s very shallow. 10yrs from now them beautiful selfies that she post everyday are not going to be of much interest. Platie it’s only right to have a man wid money mi nuh wrong you but you man mussi can invest in yuh di right way. Be sensible boo!

  6. Good Afternoon Met & Metters
    Assuming it’s true this is a case of children neglect, therefore I side with the sender in outting her. Who knows maybe this is a last ditch attempt to reach r. Sometimes ppl only tek heed when u embarrass dem.

  7. this is no secret the whole waterford know this.As for the man having money i dont know about that i wont speak on that either but if he is rich well it not showing on her or her kids.Platie is delusional she really believe the hype.My man cant rich and mi nah drive live in a good home or wear good clothes.Platie walk an trust nails do like there is no tomorrow. she frighten fi dis man and kill her dead they r a hot couple lols .Platie mi know u a read go tek care a u pickney and stop play rich and fabulous pon ig u move from over silverstone yet since u rich bitch bye

  8. dem gal only invest in slothes for modeling gal weh have cute face and hype so fi a drive av house all a dem a model in a portmore and dont av shit

  9. @fancy di clothes dat she wear is always cheap so obviously d soccer money not a lot.All dem do is try hype pon gyal weh nuh have sense she frighten like platie how u say u mon rich and u still basxic.no education no assets nothing but a lot of buddy mark In your hole.

  10. Woi she now take up residence a telaviv in a d so called rich man one room. Dat likkle girl am so sorry fe har bcuz atleast she shud a av har clip under her wing but no man cocky Betta dan her pickney dem.

  11. platie d man live in 1 room and u well want breed so. tek mi foolish advice go mek d man send u go learn fi do nails or hair bcuz u nuh young and if is man weh a play ball a Vietnam ago wife u u know its all down hill from here so learn a skill

  12. All of har original fren dem a do something wit them self and those was her only real frenz it sad to see she is the only one live like this and not take better care of r kidz. Sad tho

  13. aarrrmmm……socialite??…..or social light fi di bleaching or social lite cause she no really have no status inna jamaican high society which is where socialites usually originate from??…..hhhmmm??…hhhhmmm???……smaddy bruk dung di awgument fi mi deh…………..if a kinova and dead wid laff to raas……

  14. See she put up pon r ig say a lie…when d whole a d pickney dem a waterford tease d likkle boy bout him situation…especially wen him a ramp

  15. You get many of these so called mothers who spend on only basic necessities for their children and, yet fir parties they always have on new dress, hair done, eyelash in place etc
    I personally do not know how they do it, why have all those amount of children if you really only care about yourself

  16. So her rich man Kavi tun bruck man dats y dem nuh deh up ina d dance lime lite nuh more. Not even him pickney dem him can support now only weh free food a gi weh dem deh. Gal shame n up in a him one room now down a tel a viv weh no bill collectors Naw badda her. Him a walk an borrow like hell fe d gal nuh leave him. Him not even sure fe go back a Vietnam so unno soon c. Di 2 a den did two hype pan chum change. Him can handle her u c u know how much time him run her a her yard an beat her up an she a gwan like her life solid. Bruck man an beaten nuh work a wonder weh him tell her fe she still deh Dere met check out da one deh. All him mumma hate her an nuh chat to her a him tell me dat and d whole a him fren dem a chat him.

  17. Woi she pap dung. Jus a boast bout pickney and one straight week she deh a Telaviv a nuh go her yard and claim seh she have gal pickney and waan more pickney. Den a who she a go leave dat deh pickney wid weh she so well want…nuh Kavi mumma cuz she nuh like har one bit. God bless d baby father weh she av Bcuz she nuh know bout teking care a pickney. Kavi him wukliss to but den again him mussi a f<#k out him money. D two a dem pap down me wonder how much longer dem can keep up wid each odda or maybe him nuh av nuh money fe gi har fe pay ar rent and she a hide from landlord. Everybody a Telaviv a find out d mixup gal and har maama man weh can chat har so. Mek she nuh put up pic of her in a her mansion a Telaviv a pure box food him buy pan road sen go give har. Really wukliss barbie an maama man Kavi. dem fit each odda Bugaloo a real Kavi mascot to cuz she Naw get nuh ratings from him or knowings.

  18. Met me want u chk da one ya out. Bruck Kavi and Platie have been hiding out of lately. Word on the road is dat her light, water cut off and rent due so dat explain y she shack upwind Kavi ina him 1 room. Met him nuh stop diss her and all ask her if she Naw go home. Dem turn up a Kamiesha ice dance appearing as if all is well but she say she nuh know weh she get har self ina. Fe days she ina dis one frock a Kavi yaad and me know deh d gal av atleast har cheap clothes dem in abundance and if she do go over har yaad a Ina night. All har pickney dem weh she claim seh a har life nuh c at ova weeks now. Woi and d gal lov boast so. Chk her page dem and c how she a keep low profile.

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