X_x…………….BAD PPL

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Hi met good morning… I am just here to vent my frustration with these so-call singer/artiste that reside in Jamaica.. I think them don’t have any ambition. Why I say that is because they know that they cannot sing.. and still doing that shit.. I guess in Jamaica music fraternity anything goes Dangel plz stop it.. when u sing you sound like somebody constipated is like you a bawl fi shit.. and the shit not coming is so u sound to me.. Ishawna you swear you a this big time singer.. if so go join the voice and let us see.. I know that tessanne give you guys hope and dats very good..but one little mistake ooun a make is dat she and alanie really can sing.. y’all girls do not have any ambition angel and ishawna because whoooun love too much hype before whouno go get a decent payable job.. all u ishawna lef America where there is so much apportunity gone a Jamaica bout you a artiste.. YOU DONT HAVE ANY AMBITION.. PEOPLE NEED TO TELL WHOUN THE TRUE. I ONLY TELLING WHOUN THIS WITH L-O-V-E.. SOMBODY HAVE TO TELL WHOUN

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  1. Senda I have one question for you: What have you done for your self lately? Ishawna went to Jamaica to pursue her dream as an artiste, how does that warranted her as having no ambition? You too salty, seems like you have personal gripe with these ladies.

  2. Sound like hating a sender ambition! Gal left the people dem if they sound so bad how comes you a dem biggest fan?? Mi think a D angel clean underneat and ishawna ring a bun you……..HUSH!!!

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