There is an air of xenophobia that has seemingly taken over the world. It would seem as if xenophobes are popping up worldwide when in fact they have always been there. Late last week, there was a report on Americans/ residents who became radical after living in America for a period of time and authorities seemed not to know why. It is xenophobia.

People who migrate into these developing nations are subject to various forms of abuse that sometimes isolate individuals and feed hate. The xenophobes in these countries are usually under-educated, and have limited knowledge of anywhere but the town they live in. They are pretentious patriots who have done little or nothing for their own countries but are dead set against individuals who migrate there.

This new wave of xenophobia should serve as an eye opener to people of color who are the main target of xenophobic attacks. Be prepared to defend yourself and family, trying times are ahead.

2 thoughts on “XENOPHOBIA

  1. It’s kinda a thin line between xenophobia and Patriotism. Some people genuinely confuse the two but others is really hate that fuels it n not any love for country. …sad!

    Use up unno right to bear arms people of color cuz it’s ur constitutional right!

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