1. Yakini a u scam out the big decorative red pillow outta bed bath n beyond tun it inna shirt u know how I look fi this pillow high n low cho kmt

  2. i don’t know what kinda material that is Metty, but I think me, you and the guy behind Yakini inna the baseball cap ah try figa out too, as you can si seh im ah look directly pan di blouse :bingung

  3. She weh use tuh brag n boase bout har man pon fb dis dat n him gone leff har hope u learn u lesson lady neva hype ova no man

  4. Everybady hav ah story suh ah nuting fi rejoice sey har baby father gawn leave har fi she 1 tek care of the kid that both of them produce everything happens for a reason suh if shi wan dress up an don’t luk gud to unuh so be it right now shi feel free like Mandela!!!

    1. Hi Yakini how u duzzin? Sorry to say a u give ppl di tawk whey dem have a tawk ya now so all u do is put the stuffing back inna di cushion u wearing as a blouse n lean back watch n shet u mouth u CHAT to much a dat do u kmft

  5. No sah I really did see this pillow in Bed Bath Beyond dem have it in all different colors. She mek it look bad with all dem feathers and fandangles she just always a try too hard fi mek a statement and the only statement she makes is that she is sad and lonely

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