1. You mad no way yak yak going to show that oat meal porridge body tights tights or extremely long dress with tights under . Those flab flab has to stay tie up and coverd .

  2. U ever forget to stir u porridge n leave it under fire too long n it start get lumpy n mush mnllll man tummuvk strong to lay down wit dat

  3. Let her wear what she want.. LOL LOL LMAO.. I swear you guys are the worst. DWL. You know her skin looks messy underneath. Funny post tho!!

  4. For real she need a break from those tall sleeve good god she wear that shut right through.girl ur body need some good sunlight and breeze

  5. I dont know this lady – but she looks nice to me… puhleeze..most women have a bit of celly jelly…some worse off than others, yes. But its time we stop shame one another! If she had it on full display people would say COVER IT UP.. but the fact that she know how to work with what she working with.. unno still mad??? GTFOH.. Lady you look nice.

  6. Anonymous u finding fault with everybody imagine the sight of u ….stfu the girl looks goooood

    Talk nuh man bushflower..thats why the world cant be a better place……all some shitpits knw to do is come on met n discriminate …..one time mi si it comment say it fat still dwrcl so i sympathize

  7. Suck yuh mad dat bitch f**k wid everybody su why she better than people f**ing wid har dwl. A man tell MI seh when shi tek off har clothes everything drop dwl. Drop dung body Yak Yak

  8. If the Child wore sumn to show d “oatmeal porridge body” y’all still be mad. Yakini looks good to me, I ain’t be seeing her naked. You know so much about the Child body thou *roll eyes*

  9. I know her over25 years and she’sbeen wearing tights her mother n sister as well. She just don’t like showing her legs wtf. Uno lowe mi fren n go suck uno mumma

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