1. mite as well mi luv if dem sen yuh cum ova yah fi bad mite as well sen yuhself fi some gud, dress nice and well complimet yuh mek everythin luk firm

  2. She shape good so she will mek most dress look good but mi nuh like dis dress ah tall! It look like some curtain you see inna old time theatre! No thank you!

  3. She too dem nuff and it seems as if she get worse!!!! What a way when she walk inna di ppl dem party like she’s the shit! Bitch everyone tired of you now!!!!!! ppl a just look pon har in disgust….

      1. Trick my husband anno no dh man, even if he was She could Never tek him!!! So check yuh self Bitch n watch ur speech!!!!!!

        1. A suh yuh ignarant fi Yakini…..A suh yuh notice har ina party mek u know say ppl a look pan har. Stop gwaan like yuh a bad gyal….a style up ppl bout “Trick”…..Yuh tink it sound good……Move yuh bloodclaat an go weh….How yuh know say Yakini couldn’t tek ur man??? A dat him tell yuh….Dwllllll. Sometimes go see dintype a gyal unuu man a give unuu bun wid…..Yuh see Yakini ina party…..suh yuh a dancehall gyal too….suh if yuh man tek yuh up…..why him wouldnt tek up Yakini…..how you different from she in di dancehall sense ( since a u jump up bout man a nuh DH man)…..who gives a flying f**k????? Him is a man wid a koki an she have a pussy……suh any game can play….Sooooo…….youuuuuuuu watch ur speech an gweh from yah……bout u a come bad up ppl ova yah….Kmt. You an u bloodclaat man move an gweh…..Cause Yakini mus did tell u she want him . Unu too nufffffff……Come trace mi now cause mi gone a mi bed. Beat dem Yakiniiiiiiiii…….beat dem wid yuh body weh dem man want…..Dwllllll

          Cita peeping….mi too lazy fi log back in….Nite all.

  4. Yakini, is definitely man hunting, style of dressing tun up to another levels, trust me this whale is trying to catch a fish, be careful, don’t bother with no more dance hall men, most of them is DL batty man.

    1. and why is this such a bother to you or you care…you want di woman fi guh look next woman.. I dont get you people, is what you really want from this lady doe..No matter what you just haffi find something negative fi sey bout har..SMFH

      Girl you look good you working that outfit and it fit you just right..di same ones dat say dem tired a yuh a di same ones always posting and sending in your photos just to comment..gwan through yah cah if there was nothing bout you dem wouldnt a live inna yuh skin suh!!

      1. but she nuh too lucky an wen she get lucky she stalk dem n run dem suh yuh nuh tink dah puxxy deh need a break scamina? i tink so ooooooo furdah mor doah yuh concern a juss yuh 3 kings?

  5. i have to disagree with the sender, the dress does not look nice….at all…in no way.

    too much going on on the one dress, looks clownish to me.

    good day met

    good day metters

    good day jmg loyal peeper yankini cuz u ova ya more dan di pink pon di wall a send in uself.

    1. a dat mi seh to lundy she sen enn harself mi hav a question to sequins an tass up tass up still a wear? anyway wat a gwaaninggggggggggggg :peluk

  6. Met you see wr fren? she is in her dress she looks nice nuh true.. yessiday me see a pic with her weh she a show her body weh she well photoshop. me did just cut me eye lol

  7. May the truth b told give credit wen its due not cause u Dont like her or she take u man or her body soggy and cut up cut up she look nice her clothes is well but together go Scammie u win this one lol

  8. Yakini fu$k up the dress when she go home go sow on that curtain tassle at the front and add those rachett sequins at the tail of that dressmaker frock .

  9. The dress is nice and I love the olor it looks good on her, the only thing that I can say is the draping in the front she can loose it with a v neck type of cut would work prefect but all in all she hit it off good… U go girl have fun enjoy life and be urself real men like that…

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