Metty, watch this video of Yakini ah walk roun ar
( press release?? ) party ah sign ar owna autograph and ah give it out to people and some ah them don’t even want it..who does shit like this???? Not even real celebrities do this shit


  1. Poor yakini swear think shi a celebrity. Well dress up an have shawty a post pon facebook how yakini look the best all better than who in the movie. Then unnu see the clip wen mermaid a interview Stokely? All now shi nuh acknowledge yak yak, like shi invisible. Yuj could tell yak yak well wah seh something. Yak yak jus tan up deh like a damn fool


  3. Who ever post this sender yu boring bad! This shit is two years ago get ova yu rass self! Me & Yakini nuh really dey pon nuh chattingz but fair is fair is so yu one boring and a look suntin fi talk bout mek yu get up n a post a video from two years ago my girl go back inna di rat ole whey yu crawl out a!
    Go look a job! Start a job challenge and tek up yu time…..try again sender yu boring bad! Plus yu late nuh bloodclath…..

    1. we know it’s two years ago asshole. this video was posted to show how vain yakini is for walking around the venue a sign and hand out her autograph when nobody asking her for it. the post title says rewind which is past tense you genius!!! so come off a dis and don’t waste anymore of your most precious time on here bytch! and who are you again??

  4. Sender yu boring nuh bloodclathh! A dat mi waan tell yu inna di morning yah! Bout yu Press Release Rewind….a so yu one bored and nuh have a darn thing fi do but post a video from 2012? That old come wid sumtin new? A so Yakini a hurt up brain cells mek yu get up and a post a 2012 video of her a promote har party not your party but har own party! Me & Yakini nuh inna no chattingz but fair is fair!
    Sender go start the get a life challenge and stop watch other ppl and mek use a yu spare time cause yu look like yu nuh have one rass fi do…like seriously a so Yakini a hurt up your head no man a unno mek ppl hype more than they should cause dah post ere nuh call fah! Go read a rass book and tek yu eyes & nose outta ppl 2012 business whey past and gone….and so what if she nuh yardie nuff a unno outta road a pose like unno a yardie…and nuff yardie a pose like dem a born yankee. Unno fi know dat. Sender come betta, a betta yu did post sumtin recent but diss nah tek it flop like yu! Yu post nuh ready….try again. Rewind yu self back inna di rat ole whey yu creep out a cause yu time expire.

  5. and met can post whatever the fucck she wants. its her site. boss don’t take orders. they call all shots. pow pow!

  6. But deserve the rewind cause it a show say a no just tidday Scamini delusional a longggggggggggggggg time oh n scammi who Eva made that mask fi u tell him cover the nose n mouth part to only lef out u eye damn mascot

    1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  7. I learned three thing from this video.
    1. She was a little on the heavy side.
    2. She wasn’t as light skinned as she is now.
    3. The dude whose face looks like a nappy dugout was the love of her life..
    None of this is any of my business but I’m just wondering how she has managed to breathe again!?!

  8. Mi sey wha mi sey already and who nuh like it come push it back down mi throat cause some a unno too rass nuff. If she’s all that bad a so unno have time fi side down and pick pick bout har unno all good

  9. Unno mek har inna celebrity fi a post n ole conversation bout har n a video from two years ago…..like seriously unno nuh have nuttin better fi do wid unno time? Anytime a person don’t agree wid unno foolishness unno ready fi cuss thru mi a nuh waggonist mi free fi sey unno boring if I see that story is phuckery. Met free fi post anything pon har page yes a somebody send it in and she post it. Again sender yu boring….bye Felicia. So thru mi nuh follow har up mi fi jump pon unno hate bus fi no reason some a unno worse than vipers!

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