1. Pull up Selector!!! Straight#1 tune this mi nuh bias!! Dead dem dead but yuh neva claim dem when alive so worsa now dem dead to yuh Curvy Diva!!Dem have all the money in the world but too dunce to read up bout Viagra and Levitra to get the vital help.

    How long unno think dry stiff tounge can rival the proper tool? Mek him Gwaan chat out all the stiffness outta him tounge and tun double dead above and below!Gwaan go bury yuh dead now, propa write off with the truth coming out that the feelings a carry because Curvy diva Yanique NEVER claim him.But sir don’t u have to be”Claimable”first before u can get claim? :bingung

    1. u serious? pull up what? dis song nuh mek nuh sense. not going anywhere. she shoulda mek shane o write d song for her. it dont sound good.

      oh yea, shane o and marlon are friends.

      yaniue give up d music career its not for u.

  2. :kr :hotrit :alay :selamat :thumbup :2thumbup Song of the year contender this..it neva haffi so nice talk truth! :kr .Now mi know why them sey first impressions last because you will never get a second chance to Mek a good first impression. Brothers reading and peeping on here I hope unno realize why we have to wuk dem girls ya good and keep them coming Coming!!

    Then you can afford for a woman fi go do international Grammy worthy tune bout you pop down, dead and sinking to rise no more?? Don’t bow either cuz all Dat will go Inna song, Yanique you are kinda wrong fi loud up that still unless him issa proud bowers then fine!

  3. hey idiot gal ,so what if the man eat you, you a idiot, 69 a common thing dem days yah, maybe the man did have a rating fi you so him go all out fi please you,but now him realise you were in it for the money, you f**ka you ,the man f*k and suck you out and run you , live wid it, you ano wife material,you a gwan like you neva suck the man wood and gi him batty wash ,idot gal

    1. I see her kind from a mile away so dem nuh phase me………….never expect a thing from yanique ..ppl whey attention hog just have a thing about them I cant explain it

  4. This whole saga is too much really for adults but I commend Yanique for her approach tooooooo long men who are whores go on to slut shame women who might not fit into society’s frame of “good girl” . I say it all the time women are not bars of soap they don’t diminish or melt, Yanique is free to sleep with who wants as long as she protects herself. Marlon needs to stop Yanique stop both a y’all go away now cause unnu did a fuxx we nah know n we no want know now

    1. But the man never slut shame her and she needs to be slut shamed in truth . She was the one who tried to out him and he spoke out …when u have teenage girls in your home and you as a mother go out go get drunk and go home with the first celebrity your drunk eyes set on u need to be slut shamed..she too old for the b.s

    2. When the man seh him meet her a gym n she go home wid him later that is her regular m.o but she always do it drunk . When you grow up slut shouldnt be something that can be used to describe you…because u supposed to learn…the tricks were for games and playing but grown up folks do grown things and she supposed to be on some grown shit now

  5. What a gal brawling. After the first 20 seconds mi couldnt bare lissen to nuh more a har. Shi betta tek time tred causen sey dem have a saying wey sey di mor monkey climb di more him expose him behind.

  6. Waste gal dis. Man eat you, AND? Nuh tell we say yuh neva lick off him hood like a oxtail bone. She is the typical botched bitch. Any woman inna dem right mind agree wid she is a whore monger just like she

  7. Booooooooooooooo oooo oooo oooo oooo flings bakkle booooooooooooooo fling more bakkle booooooooooooooo (a plastic bakkle) a dat yuh mek up story fah gal? Waste a time. Come again miss go back pan di drawing board dah one yah neva plan good.

  8. Only tree tings a woman can seh fi diss a man afta shi gi up di meat. Di man wood small, him cannot f**k, or him wood did dead! Either way, from a woman geet up, dem cannot tek back di sex! one ting mi always wonda, when a woman chat seh a man eat di meat, who shi really believe shi a shame? The man or herself? Cause if a woman believe that a man going down on her is a disgrace, that means she is saying her meat was unworthy to be tasted. Real Talk 😡

  9. How did things get to this point? She seems to have an overinflated ego. How can the intimate moments you shared be used for public broadcast and to embarrass an ex-lover. How can a grown woman be this immature. This song will only harm you because no man will want to get close to you emotionally or spiritually, same way you would broadcast private things they shared with you, their weaknesses and fears. The man shared his body with you for your mutual pleasure and you accepted what he offered, his shame is yours too because you were equals in that moment.

    Yanique, why you so full of controversy and there is never one thing positive that can be said about you? So many ppl can’t be wrong, you are the common denominator in every scandal. Yes, you have good looks, but looks fade eventually and all anybody ever remembers is our character and how we made them feel. It’s never too late to turn over a new page. Don’t waste the life God gave you on earth, you will have to report on it one day, and none of what you are doing is worth your soul.

  10. Dem seh looks can be deceiving…. Well this is a perfect example…
    To how this girl look her behaviour and speech is very disturbing and vulgar, i should say VULGAR…. Dont know if this is her true self or if she is putting on this act to imitate certain other dancehall females, but really it does not fit her, my conclusion is her speech pattern is Disgusting and unbearable to listen…

    Dat Mi Seh

  11. Boooooooooooooooooo yuh get f**k and duck so u tryna make it seems like a you leff the man. Big frilly frilly puccy Yanique yuh cyah get nuh forward offa the ICON!! Bitch please have several seat!! Zum f**k yuh, USAIN f**k yuh, the ICON f**k yuh and none a dem neva wife yuh, sweetie that’s because you ain’t got the grip it takes to make a man put a ring on it! The first night my man sample my squash the next morning him seh “I’m not letting you go”. That was 11 years ago. When me get the ring every body mouth was on the ground. When gyal good them good. Nuttn nuh good bout yuh GWEH

  12. I am lost.. what part of this song is Good. She just shame her self. if he suck you suck. I have nothing against her until now. She come canada a you can see she is money hungry. watch the tapes.. she all a beg fe money. she try to go after the money man dem but they dont want her.. if your p***sy so good and your body so good. how come no one not wifing you. she don’t shape good. everything is photo shop. she is not bad looking. talk truth but she is not all that. that ass too big. what a gal show off. I cant wait till Hilly dun har in Canada . bout first class she travels… oh please. its just the other day she taste first class now a tell promoters that she only travel first class. Your getting old.. you fat and your p*ssy not that good. All the African man dem the other day in Africa she a try fe sleep wit but them catch on quick. every man just have fe show them money and she sleep with them. I know of 3 men personally whey a sleep with her now.. biggest slut in Jamaica and show off.. OMG.. she needs to be fired from her show as the imagine so so tarnashed, look pon mS kitty that is class.. Marlon a win … sorry but this song doesnt even sound good

  13. I’m surprised that Magnum still continue to have her on their show. She is a disgrace to the Brand.

  14. Marlon u looou fi dah one yah not to mention every area code Yanique drop in a. A she dat sex a different man. Not to mention she almost run through half of the man dem in ja cause she run through the 14 parishes down ya already. Look like u really no read a lot cause certain plastic causes cancer and u go eat out Yanique wid all dem sewer waste deh weh Mek up fi her body. Yanique I know u just living up to ur reputation tht plastic should indeed be recycled but gosh man tone it down now love give ur hole a break Mek it atleast get tight up back.

  15. #25 I thought the same thing; why is Magnum keeping this thot on the show??????????????????????????????????

    She is barely covered during the show, she extra bad…… They need to reevaluate the direction of this show..

    Gal u get a few dollars and a couple f….k tek it and move on..

    Marlon you eat the front, got a few f….k now you both MOVE ON… Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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