1. Yanique is lacking something besides attention nd loneliness cuz mi nuh see how she nuh see seh dis don’t look good, a reduction is needed

  2. WTF the girl looked good, what the heck she went and do again, u no see she pwile to rass, and the jamaicon commumity is waiting how could she, is she swelling fo real

  3. any sensible man a go laff after her when she naw look for it doooont look good, MET put up the home sweet home lampshade

  4. Yanique representing an unhealthy and abnormal trend. She should be taken off the air.

    I don’t think she can ever reduce that mass without serious risks to her health.

    1. Yuh wicked ehh yuh really want di girl fi lose har job??? Yuh too big fi true Yanique get yuh fi fix yuh right and lose some weight

      1. Yeah me serious. If not for the public attention and the challenges of maintaining that job, I strongly douby she would have done her self like this.

        She can go work in behind the scenes cause up front goi g to be her demise.

        You really think dem ago keep that figure around fi long? She looking freaker by the months :ngakak

  5. She need to go get check this rapid weight gain is not normal, my mind keep saying “tell her get her heart checked” don’t know why.

  6. Yo I remember when this girl did look goooood ! People was saying surgery but it was hard to tell cuz she looked real good and natural, I remember she was real decent and in her own lane. Now atf is this !? No sar

    1. A see a yankee gal bout she get that hampa shape in tribute to baartman.

      What the hell is there to pay tribute too?! Woman had bad mutated genes that affected her lower extremity. Black or not it did abnormal then and still is…freak of nature.

      So,me can’t undetstand why black women, not coming from wealth, a spend money fi deform themselves.

  7. @ Anonymous 10:23 the pic in the white is not photoshopped, I watched the show and thats exactly how she looked. The pic was taken of the tv screen and zoomed in. Better u say the camera adds 10 pounds

  8. F**ka Dem you so right. Mi use to think she did sweet when she get the work and now she look like a Kardashian/Chyna hybrid. Then everything ppl a “hate” pon har like no bitch it just doh look good! It’s like before I use to respect her craft but this whole surgery body is taking away from that. If Yanique post a pic or vid she show di batty first lmao At times I catch myself asking what does she do again?

    Sidebar: Met the lamp pic really badda har from mi see she post it a try gwaan like she a laff it off

  9. A whore thrives on sexual attention, because typically their self-esteem is low and they need the lust sentiment that’s throw their way in order to feel good and important. I guarantee you if you gave this broad a 160 I.Q. She would prefer a fake azz and breast combo over it any day. She’s just another woman who endorses the objectification of women and she’s too dumb to realize it.

  10. Yanique looks f**ked up on camera but good in person. Smh The third picture is misleading.Her waist is not that small. People are normally shocked when they see her in person. Don’t believe the pictures.

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