1. Sender you wicked bad enuh…. the shoe might too long in the heal but it narrow cross the In step til the foot a swell. Real or faux buy your size. A couldnt hot gyal Yankee Michele foot this. Me nuh believe. The foot like it start tek some of the batty cement tuh.
    Met, you wicked for the title. The poor likkle toe a ‘queeze til him bus’ out.–murdah.

  2. lmao in person it look even worse because mi did deh deh and the toe did all a do di breadfuit dance

  3. Why MUST they do this to themselves. SMH. It even looks like she added shots to her feet.(SAD)
    Good morning Met.

  4. oh my Willy I laughed so hard till my coworkers asked me if I was OK, Geez not from the bandage tho lmfao! Why Yankee, why Yankee!
    Good Morning met and metters.

  5. The likkle toe uppity nuh claat, it’s like mi nuh waan nuh part of this so am quitting. Cute nail polish.

  6. kmt she run a put up shoes n bag on ig ,pls that shoes played out every in it ,u mash up like stop it u don’t have shit n why all these girls buy the same shoes all the time oh I guess the fake one fall god in place so people wwill think they real

  7. Lolol this one sweet me she got problems with these type of shoes everytime she put on one a dem she always a leave out her Likkle toe dem this is so sad she and her fren dem a step out like dem a hot stepa and none a dem cudnt tell her fi stop it and leave those shoes alone d woman make me sick she sick stomach and just so u know the new breast dem don’t look good so go sit ur old Tyad fake ass dung Kmt bout yuh a dress up to the time really girl yuh fava foolishness d gal dem yuh a par wid don’t like u Lolol so d Likkle toe deh leggo mi nuh don’t try hold me bk cos I’m not fitting good right here so I’m out lololololololool yes MET it sweet me

  8. She care zero bout her Likkle toes lololololololool somebody need fi do her d favor and step pon it she nuh like dem cas dem cah fit in a designer dem Lololol #fakearereal

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