15 thoughts on “YAP

  1. Ah de “Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce” mouth pout she ah give :ngakak

    In har head…”I’m sexy and I know it” :kr

  2. Yu caah tell har too much. She hot an she up pan di tap shelf raayyyy! A wah dat pan har head an baddy doe.

  3. Lord if she ain’t pregnant plzzzz plzzzz fix it Jesus n mek her preggo instant….only then will this ish begin to mek any sense.

  4. Unuh Come suck mi good pussy need shelter yes mi man ago married mi a me mek unuh nuh live nuh weh deh pon social media a describe ppl pic unuh life unhappy and lonely a three nice kids god bless mi with unuh come lick out mi battyhole mi glad unuh pic mi wedding dress if mi a mi wedding dress mi have on and mi Vail pon mi head

  5. Unuh live pon social media fi describe ppl pic unuh nuh see unuh life unhappy and lonely good pussy need shelter a three kids god bless mi with any we happy nuh bloodcatt come lick out mi battyhole a mi wedding Vail mi have pon head it bun unuh eeh

  6. So what mi hot an mi marry already mi have kids a mi Vail mi have pon mi head an mi wedding dress mi look nice

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