Good day fellow Bloggers, this is Yardielovethug here to file a proper propa defense on behalf of the victim! Oh yes,I make no bones about it, the facts will show my beloved is a innocentish VICTIM!Let’s take it stages and here’s the breakdown. …That vile creature Brenton, dearly beloved, that unmentionable horrific crasses Robbas.

Can someone tell me why I wasn’t given my copy of the memo as to what caused the passa passa fall out with oily mouth brentisha n the master teef Robbas??In the absence of factual info ,one is left to speculate but I chose to investigate. My investigation shows that every single one of yall ignore the real disgusting truth about what this is all about, shame on unno.You mean sey a me alone hear Brentiesha a cuss Robbas that she buy Bready his funeral suit.Good ppl listen again. …yuh can clearly hear Brenty scream at the end..”but bobbette ..bready that is MY MAN!!So maybe is bready anniversary coming up or sumpn but them two frenz fall out over a who fi carry remembrance wreath fi lay at the grave. Maybe who shoulda buy the suit feelings a carry!!

Helllloo ppl!!!Man to n Gal to a war over position inna a dead man’s coffin smh.Flip bready pon him side n the two a unno go sandwich him and mek dem seal the casket n drop it 12ft deep wid the lot of unno damn disgusting shyt stain pon society. Granted Brenty u do sound credible, give u that cuz that shythouse was never a true friend to Princess Apple fi true. Thousands of time pinkwallers call her out pon her copy cat fatal basic instinct envy of Princess Apple, so brenty u never discover water on the moon!Brentiesha leave Princess Apple alone cuz u same hyprocrite siddung n partake inna crucifixion of her,gweh we done wid yuh.

Dearly beloved Princess Apple,look how u show dem nutten but love n a dis yuh get in repayment? Look how much ppl u lend ur stuff n the world never haffi know? All a who a chat n judge a sinner too dear n dem nuh better than yuh a BBC because apparently all sins equal. I want give you the rhatid irony of this all….everyone is guilty because the bible sey God sey..”niether a borrower nor lender be” !!Well all a we do one or the other my dear so nuff a dem fi gweh n move dem judgemental Bbc .So what if you suck adult tun tun,is a crime?I have no reason so to do but what’s the point of living in the land of the free if yuh nuh free fi suck tun tun??However tell me a lie n I will believe u cuz u woulda wrong wrang if yuh really breathe anywhere Robbas contraption.

Princess Apple I hope you know this means war.The storm is coming n it’s going to be a obeah war but we will be ur prayer warrior n keep u prayed up.Please ask ur landlord permission to inscribe some psalms over all doorways. Obeah might can’t beat right so cut dem off n we gonna win this. From now on every night there’s one thing I will do.i will bow my head n pray for you.

Now you now Robbas. .there aren’t any words in any language to even begin to address you n wat u about. You are a evil person, ugly to the core of ur soul . I’m just going to avoid anything to do with you because you are a vexation to the spirit n soul.Go SYM straight fi how yuh betray Princess Apple!

Mi done chat n mi gone do the ppl dem work, who want cuss free fi cuss…Gaza bad we bad.
But I lef unno to Mumma Christine!!Bigging up mi frenz dem pon this endz,nuff respect sameway to all who nuh agree with me.

President of the Princess Apple Society.


  1. I kinda like Apple enuh. I don’t get any bad energy from her. True she need fi stop the scamming but I feel like she just surrounded by bad company yah man.

      1. Metry, You think YLT loves Apple more than dickrhard did love Tracey champion until he heard her rough voice On the mic in one video?

  2. SnApple was the head honcho till Robbas beating her at her scamming n thefting game. Now she haffi a barrow and suck Robbbas fi tings. Sad lot dem

  3. Lwad, mi laugh so till, YLT, u really is good defense attorney, U mek mi almost feel sorry fi Apple, sake a how u guh hard fi her, mi not even ago mek a bad comment bout her right now. Man Bobby and her matey a war fi dead man postion, them nuh normal.

  4. Dear Yardie,

    The argument was dead after Brenty long funeral service of a post yesterday. We dont care anymore

  5. Christine if you reading please me a beg you protect Apple at all cost from Bobbete dirty hands . But you see yardie the borrowing back & forth Robbas probably send the obeah to Apple a ready ‘ me heAr say Robbas used a perfume to draw ppl to like she a hear but after seeing all those criminals records me believe that Robbas highly guard with obeah . Apple is her biggest threat like me say Christine protect apple from that demon Bobbette .

  6. To be honest most off us bloggers love Apple style she reminds us off Anna Nicole pretty stupid & dumb especially when she open up she mouth. Anna Nichole do you like my body dwl.

  7. Apple weakness is friends she’s not a loner she must always have women around her . All me know that gal is dangerous with iniquity Bobbete she going to end up just like she auntie La Dione dead young . I am still in shock that Bobbette say Apple hold she down & suck she puss if Apple really eat that cat me lose off she big time .

  8. Yardisha/wanna be Thuggisha

    …NO STRAIGHT MAN WITH ANY KIND OF LIFE WOULD HAVE TIME TO PEN THIS F**KERY….After today mi know say u is a YARDIE WEY LOVE F*UCK BATTYMAN THUGS!! !!!! Str88888888. Why unno DL pussies love gwan like unno a gyalist and love oman?

    Apple love suck p*ssy so maybe you have a slim chance to “get it” as you like to say. Remember one thing doe . .Apple love p*sssssayyyyy just as much as she loves Chanel so Mek sure yuh pockets dem DEEP and wide like yuh 3 holes dem…..bbclt…..

    How anyone can act like Bobbette and Apple nuh cut from the same dutty material is beyond me. It seems like ur intelligence chip in and out. And yes when you are thru spell checking this plz to go and SYM as you love to say.

    Did you not say a while back that you would no longer comment on any post pertaining to sadamite HOLE Apple…….silly me to expect a gyal to be a man of her words. Smaddy neva tell you before to calm yuh hole?? ????Go REST yuh tyad battyhole and once again SYM.

  9. Good Day Met, Metters, Peeper’s nd Others…

    Didn’t read it don’t care it cause is not the first he is doing this… all I will say is DickrHarde love Tracy Champion to the max nd from him deh ere’ till nung not once him gwaan wid dis kind of obsession, praises nd extraness fi back har him balance it out. At first it was cute now it’s mad annoying cuz whatever he sends in about Apple him basically write it in every damn post the need for this is hmm wah the word …

    Mi reach the point once a post about Apple goes up mi don’t even read him replies, any other thread I will read what his response is.

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak I fell an I can’t get up…… mi seh mi did tink a me alone a swear dwl…..

  10. Yardie, mek mi get a 2lb a dem greenz u a smoke. U waah too f@#k lick. U love the Acrylic Queen eeh lol. Gwaan tru from u nuh jump d fence. Mi will watch out fi missa Laskit and Yardie, no kissing u hear sah.

    P.s. tek off u boot before u enter the white castle. Cant have u a dutty up the mats.

  11. Ha ha ha yardie I tink yuh defense come a likkle too late yuh wait till di shoota gawn an now a push up yuh head…..Robert done dead an apple badly wounded inna Di cross fyah wat yuh doin here? Yuh shud be by her side lolll

  12. Ylt, u r truly funny, u a defend your princess. Yes she do up her body, yes she bleach,yes she hype, yes she is a scammer (suh den seh, I don’t know her). I don’t agree with a lot of it but is her life. I think a lot of people don’t like her because she hype but I also think there is jealousy. She is a nice looking girl, she have r husband, she a drive real nice car, and she have a nice place. Some of dem a scam, bleach, and a do up body and don’t get a husband and nah drive a nice car. The jealousy comes from worshiping vanity and she is getting it. I’ve learned from watching Brent show his nice clean apartment that some of u r malicious, terrible and very lie. Dem seh his apartment is dirty just to tear him down. Ylt it is what it is, u can’t change made up minds

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak yuh know seh mi cyah manij in yah…..why yuh dweet dwprbprcl.

  13. Mek mi ask you something is who fa attention you really want cause a cah apple mi feel say you unda the quiet is a nerdy attention seeking geek because no real yard man wid him pants pan him waist would a find ways fi glorify sadamitic behaviour, stop beg fren from them ga l deh every time you big she up you lose ratings from the bloggers, you look like a poppy show now, same way apple GI people colic when she wear Gucci a so you get clyding now……….

    1. :ngakak Dwl dem comments yah have mi :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak A why him dweet.


  15. Kmt mi naw read dat…. wah yawdy a defense Apple for an him nuh tr88888… mi tink him woulda deh more pan brenty side… yuh naw true to yuh self youth.

  16. :ngakak :ngakak Yardie Thug where are you? You are always over here like the Grammar Police. Class is full and your students are waiting. :ngakak

  17. I like apple though her lifestyle may be wrong. But she isn’t hateful towards people. Is the friends she have mek people hostile towards her.

  18. I disagree with everything he says regarding apple but he is funny and I can appreciate his use of words more time.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  19. YAAAY, I say Ban YardieNoLuvThugette. I think its a woman pretending to be a man. I’m sure one day ur gonna slip up and we’ll know u r a woman. Byeeeee, lame defence of SnApple

    1. :ngakak YardieNoLuvThugette :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak hunnu gwan wid a bagga tings last night.

  20. Lol..Oh dear, many times I have read his comments and thought to myself NO WAY THIS IS A MAN….NOPE..DEFINITELY A WOMEN..if it is a man n I mean “IF” then no disrespect to disabled ppl, I think he is a disabled man with a lonely life who is seeking acceptance and ratings. Lets face it you can become anyone behind a screen..

    On the positive side he/she has good sense as I have read he/she post in other political or informative articles and he/she reasons well. Babe think u been exposed..

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak mi nuh need fi go run at all fi exercise wid comments like dis :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  21. You don’t have the GUTS to be WHAT YOU WANNA BE? You NEED people like ME. You need people like me so you can point your fuKkin’ fingers and say,

    “That’s the bad guy.” So… what that make you? Good? You’re not good. You just know how to HIDE, how to LIE! Me, I don’t have THAT PROBLEM. I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH,EVEN WHEN I LIE!!

    1. Oh gosh him hurt :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak one ting mi give yuh props fah doe is yuh neva come deny dat shit. Yuh seh we need ppl like you. But hear mi a seh now dat we know…. stop pretend fi like girls ova here :ngakak :ngakak stawt defend who yuh be yea…. naw lie doe last night I laugh till i weak wid dem comments yah all diareah mi nearly get :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  22. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like THIS again, let me tell you. Come on. Make WAY for the bad guy. There’s a bad guy comin’ through! Better get outta his way!

    SYM means shut your mouth, silly young man/mantoo/maiden :alay :mahongintip

    If there is 2 votes from a regular I rate on here mi ban miself fi life off ya.I vote Aye so just one more vote needed..good luck u should get the 1.Big up everybody who took the time out to care.

    CUSS MI YES!BUT MI A GUH DEFEND HER 44 MORE TIMES. ..DEAL WITH IT . CARRY on n unno tek care. .tomorrow again Blessed ones.

    1. Make WAY for the bad guy. Oh shit scarface! A shoot yaw go shoot up in yah???? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak… fun an joke aside doe a comments like dis mek yuh gi weh yuh self… yuh give a shit if ppl nuh like yuh youth bout if yuh get too regulars vote yuh ban yuh self :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak yuh dramadic doe as long as met nuh hit di button yuh good. All di ppl dem a seh stop pretend when we see it clear….yuh coulda be toppa top topsheeeelf ova yah an we know seh Yea a thuglet dat yea! Naw lie all dis mawning mi wake a laugh.. check di timing.

      1. :ngakak Latty OMG I KAINT WITCHU…tears…i cant tell when last me laugh so…oh jeez….I need oxygen. :ngakak The next time I drink wine I must revisit this post……I kaint stop kainting

  23. Anonymous 9:16 it’s a fact me hear . Bobbette have them in the palm off her hands ‘ you no see Apple can’t say a lie Robbas a tell pon she omg . Me want to see the gal or boy that have my ticket in in USA like how Bobbette have all those fake celebrity tickets. Any day Robbas get hold they get fck she’s going to sing like a canary pon all off them the better off keep Robbas close what a ting .

  24. Come on ppl leave YTL alone and just enjoy his love and humor for his Princess..YTL dem cnt ban u round here, mi an Met sey dat stright..lol

    P.s I like Apple also, she seems to hve a good spirit and her dressing and body turn up #YouGoGirl

  25. Oonu ago leave my YLT alone. He’s the real big man. He loves apple so we, just have to accept it. Yardy big up u intelligent self. Apple a friend like yardy u fi have he will help u with your grammar. YLT be my friend cause I need help, with mine also. Much love ❤️.

    1. Dearest Genuine Only you alone me love over Princess Apple …inna real life. A so the thing set n one love to mi Regular breddas n sisters pon ya.

      As for a minute few of the others. …

      My silence doesn’t mean I agree with you. IT MEANS YOUR LEVEL OF STUPIDITY RENDERED ME SPEECHLESS. Bless up Ukkibit101.

  26. Sorry not praying for no apple … I have better things to pray for her mom will pray for her bob the drag and apple is the same thing

  27. Yardie love gwan like him is a grammar thug, and his post was riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors. I could point them all out,but I get no pleasure from feeling intellectually smug online.

    1. True, her grammar/correction thing is grating on my nerves, its played out now. I’m sure its causing some people to not want to comment fi shi come behave like English Professor ova ya pon dem. She’s definately being intellectually smug over here
      BTW i’m the Anonymous March 24 @ 7:22pm so come cuss mi now NoLuvThuggette, mi free fi mix up mi patwa (patois) and English cuz mi part UpTown n part DownTown
      U soon become unwanted ova here like Foxy was

  28. Metty is Yardie in JA or Foreign (USA)? Dont need her exact location but it seems she’s commenting from JA

      1. Maawnin Ms Metty, no prob, still fail to believe its a man who comments in that manner. Maybe the bloggers right, its a gay man or someone acting out their on screen blogging fantasies
        Have a blessed Sunday

  29. Yardie is in fact a man …. A GAY MAN… No this is not dougie Platnium and no he is not a woman just a gay man . He has never personally met Apple before but has an obsession with her just like how gays would lay thier life on the line for Beyoncé. He occasionally tries to throw you off by making sexual induendo to make him seem like he is interested in her sexually … Keep your faith in Apple until you find a next hot dancehall woman to obsess over

  30. I really like Apple. I follow her on sNAP CHAT and she seems really nice and sweet. Everyone makes their money in different ways, some honest and some not. No one should watch someone that hard that it hurts there soul so much that you have to publicly bash them. She’s actually pretty and good at what she does. Mind your business and maybe you too can achieve the same or more the honest way or not. None of you are God so stop throwing stones. So what she has a nice car stop worrying about her and worry about yourself and maybe you can have one too. People just stop hating if it hurts you delete yourself and stop attending her functions, SIMPLE. :cool :cool

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