0 thoughts on “YAWDIE GET DI BLAME STR8

  1. This is obviously someone who is suffering from severe personality disorder or mental illness. It have nothing to do wit blaming a Jamaican.
    D store people were nice to him and have too much patience if u ask me.
    He has obviously been there several times before.
    This is sad in a way. Here is a young man that is terribly DISTURBED and cannot respond to kindness and basic commands.
    It nuh matter if he Jamaican or not. His parents can be. Or not. But it clearly don’t matter.
    What does is that he needs HELP.
    Good talent though considering his condition. He obviously uses music as his escape from d torment in he brain.

  2. Poor thing! He is a risk to himself. Based upon this video, I’m wondering if it is safe for this person to be left alone.

  3. oh my he said he’s going to kill himself… he’s suffering from something and it seem like music is his escape, and clearly as u can see he has talent because he sounds good… wow they need to get him help.

    1. Dey prolly somewhere shopping and left him in the Apple store tuh keep his mind occupied…the stories I hear from my family members about the crazies that come into their workplace and the kinds of shit they deal with, is absolutely absurd!! :gila: :gila: :gila: :gila: …this one is mild compared tuh some of what i’ve seen n’ heard…

  4. Dah young man, calm and cool though..he really seems to be a nice guy. This young man mussi learn di patwash too fast, wen u ketch it too quick dah mean u siddung too long a wuk pan it, and like anything else it wid mess wid u brain (deh covah mi head). Hope him get di help wah him need. Apparently ebry body want to buss yard style.

  5. he lives close to me and he is definitely suffering from a mental illness. there is actually a fundrazr campaign to get funds to pay for him to get a laptop. he appears to be off of his meds. the problem is he is old enough to take care of himself as long as he’s on his meds and no one can force him.

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