Dem Seh ah fi worst yellow and white it flop like Wah fretty dem want know if you gone back in the 70’s you looking groovy lady! Dwl ah fisher man season ah gladiator sandals him ah wear no sah!?mi nah feel the fashion at all this year no sah dem people yah should of stayed home luki how you look suh sad bredren laugh ah Likkle ! Dancehall nuh here fi stay unno cool down the hypecause pawty flop sometime next time pawty do good people unno know seh this is not someting Weh can maintain smh








  1. Shape bad fretty, u big and shape bad like. U come from farrrrrrrrr innnnnn cause anuh foreign u go and look suh. U don’t look good. U shoulda stay a jamaica. Nothing nah gwan if mother can the man gone a prison. U mother whore out England like wow bout she a good as, but hat name can’t call pon nuh boy. She tek every man with a willy, ask har if she remember f****ing PM. She hv no class n a gwan like she a somebody. Yes whoring angie, yes whoring Angie and a shape bad daughter fretty. Fretty u face big like, every pic u tek u a try squeeze it up and flitter kill ur pic. That’s y she buy u ticket n send u way. Cause u use to skatch all over from Pinckney until now. Met me hv them file. U mumma nuh hv nothing a ja. And. Another thing, I swear u were register for utech last September. Ppl a laugh after u n ur whoribg muma

  2. Fretty yuh really big n stay bad fi true wid yuh big face n bleach out body . Anuh September yuh start uwi suh weh yuh guh foreign guh duh sell pussy fi mek up yuh school fee . Dah big ole silver boot deh weh yuh have on waah dash weh mi wud a neva spend my money buy dat. Yuh love too ray ray wid yuh f**k out ole n yuh need fi learn fi duh yuh eyebrow dem good stop draw dem on suh big n rub out di concealer. Yuh fren dem nuh like yuh u n yuh batty man fren Bimmakid mi a wanda if it is a male or female . Fretty yuh need fi get yuh life togedda fi yung gal .Ms Cutie yuh need run har profile .

  3. Party did not flap. Didn’t enjoy myself though… I saw dat girl in d glasses har clothes cheap bad and shi look nasty bid and lumpy lumpy inna di see through tights…

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