1. A how much she is asking for MET? But look to no she did well want chino take Rosie pickney. Gal you reap what you sow I don’t sorry fi you

  2. Yendi hef yuh did gi observer di story yuh cudda use dis line but not di gleaner. The only person who could have access to these documents if u nuh reach court yet is your attorney because these are presented during the hearing especially if a di first time u a carry him go court..Support and custody a two different matter for two different courts I believe ..Fi di gleaner all have attorney name etc yendi nuh do di people dem dat duh betta man…di way yuh love di likkle attention u go write big statement bakka it and mi sure u know enough people in media yuh cudda reach out to gleaner if u wanted ur business to be private..AND BESIDESSSSSSSSSSSSSS…Jamaican media personnel always mek a call to entertainers/public figures before dem publish things..Yuh a neat and nice it up like a some million dollar artiste yuh a carry go court… a real celebrity ting :hammer

      1. a waste lawyer fee because if u nah go get a good hunk a money whey u a badda waste time fah? im sure if chino was spending time or nuff time wid di baby she wouldnt jus a grant him 13 hours a month and if him doe business fi spend time wid di baby right now all dat court document doe necessary…a chat bout leak like a TMZ drap ina har business :travel

  3. No met a the same family court deal with both issues and usually custody always come with child support.but child support don’t always have custody or visitation orders attach . But Ithis gal ya eye dry like drought to clath

    1. Yes u right a di same court but different court sessions…custody and support never generally deal wid one time ..maybe jamaica different still……IFFFFFFFF HAR EYE DRY

    1. mi sehhhhhhhhhhhh di way how she write it neatly u woulda tink is a jayz she a carry guh court and a go get a good round a justice fi true :hammer

  4. .but why this pretty dunce a ask fi $60000 from a man weh she know say nuh have a pot fi piss in or a window fi throw it tru. This bright face gal weh is just a whore to the core mi nah look mi hope the judge give the child to the father if it’s even fi 3 months while she did busy she never know say karma have everybody address .met how yu do long time .

  5. I’m deh ya man work have mi away can only peep .
    But this woman ya mek mi haffi mek time this a nuh reaction this a quick action . Ole time people say when yu a dig hole nuh dig one dig two !

          1. as said..she knows big ship dont like the negative is more that she is trying to leak she isnt stupid but she very brazen

          2. Yendi u a play mother card like u figet say u did a try deprive rosie of her rights…court u was there…God nuh like ugly

  6. She and her high siddidi attitude can kiss everybody’s ass and chuck off guh tuh hell..who does she think she is impressing???..girl bye..

    1. memba him did all have morning sickness :maho
      a weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk …bout it nuh reach court and its leaked…now,i see people on her page a talk bout a mus wondering if people have sense..if the document nuh file yet how chino fi get it?? :travel

      1. Yendi Phillipps It has not been heard by the court nor has the document even been filed in the court. A court clerk leaked the information to the Gleaner

  7. “Yendi I have four you were all over Rosie you never considered you were a female you lived your relationship and pregnancy publicly even your cravings were publicized you never had any respect for your privacy then you did interviews why do you think the media wouldn’t do the same. Double standard and full of hypocrisy Yendi”
    PETAL:” #Lessonslearnt girly…if yoy are a public figure and you want keep it all over the place a give media story..#goodandbadnews…so learn and move on.”
    YENDI:Petal, Tia and Trish…do you have children? Things that may have happened before change when you do. All of us who have been there know that…just saying we can agree to disagree but people and mindsets change
    “If the media was speaking negatively about your child that would have been different but that’s not the case”
    Funny thing is: I’ve never seen Yendi respond to her fans on her page whenever she post pics or quotes. she said she can’t answer to comments because she a bussy mom.

    1. she a ansa tonight and all a tell lie………..she is a dangerous broad…if a document hasnt been filed how di court clerk get a hold a it smaddy explain to me because maybe something wrong with me

      1. When u did bade rosie child and call child services mek di child haffi get examine yendi u never know u did a fill up u karma bank?? Yuh slap di girl pickney n she talk and u send lawyer letter to har bout u a go sue and u know it wasnt going any further than u lawyer office…jus because u never want rosie fi talk how u is..Yuh went ina things wid chino u had no right to get involve ina him n rosie n dem daughter business

  8. KEVIN STRATEGICONE CAMPBLE: “If the media was speaking negatively about your child that would have been different but that’s not the case”
    Met is not you alone asking

  9. KEVIN STRATEGICONE CAMPBLE:if the documents have not been filed then why do you say it is “……….is a pending legal matter which is before the Court” am i missing something here?
    Met is not you alone asking

      1. Listen mi . It came from the horses mouth. :ngakak
        I’m gone go brush mi teet an go a mi bed, another work day ahead, an more drama to come ooooo.

  10. Sick soul this one…but as mi seh it must come to light. Chino dem did tell yuh huh mek di flexibility an brownin fool yuh but no u neva waan hear it

  11. Wait mek mi get piece a book leaf an mi half a pencil fi maths out dah one yah , :nohope :nohope big ship can bakkle up di roots and sell it fi free.99 is you minus tree(3) and carry di 1 den square root the balance you get 59,956.00 following rounding rules you get 60,000 …I see her logic , damn di leaf tear cause mi rub out too much time :dp

  12. yendi darling you get what you was looking for so shut the f*k up cause you a careless gyal just like rosie bye bitch

  13. granted $60,000 Jmd is not no whole heap a money but fact remains she was working to deny & discredit the other child’s mother & that is where she lose respect from a lot of people. Same chic diff area code. Yendi, don’t forget your NY days when you seh do road an freak an college dorm an aaaall dese tings. John public huh know but some a wi know.

  14. Rosie a wonda if yuh a see dis. Nuh di same Yendi run up pon Rosie case? Yendi yuh a guh learn today!!!!!
    $60,000 JMD a month a nuh money fi mine pickney, I want to know what is Yendi point. Is she trying to say Chino nah duh fi har child? Is she trying to paint a pic for the Jamaican people to look at him differently? Chino a nuh bwoy fi hype bout. A you alone did see him as celebrity. Mi did see him as Freddie McGregor son. Nutten more.
    Look here you reap what you sow! BYE Yendi :ngacir2

  15. Metty, this is clearly a personal vendetta. I don’t think Yendi is thinking about that child at all. Knowing chino and him family, I doubt that child wants for nothing and him always have the kids visiting. If chino not seeing this child, I don’t think it’s his choice. Me feel a she a di problem.
    $60000 plus half of the educational and medical expenses? So what could Yendi do with that amount of money for the child if medical and educational expenses different? You want the man to spend all that money and you hardly want him to see his child?
    Chino, you get what you bargained for because everybody could see through this manipulative, fake bitch but you did frighten. She did all up in the media a try save face and glad fi get attention but now that the dollyhouse mash up she want to run and hide. Bitch please, you dig your own grave so go lie dung in deh and keep quiet.
    Rosie, who laughs last, laughs best.

  16. If she want $60000 and she is also one of the child’s parents that mean a half of what she a spend she want then and me sure know she not spending $120000 on that child per month. A him alone she want fi pay fi everything

  17. mi read sum comment ova deh pon har fb page nd nuff a dem weh a run awf dem bloodclaat 44 naught need fi guh av bloodclaat several…how she want 60,000 plus differently him a pay fi medical,edcuational nd all is not all in wan den tun round a seh two/three times a week for three hours and one time on weekend for seven hours.
    if Ms.Universe did a luk out for whats best for Isreal visitation wud have been liberal wid sum ovanight dash inna it,Yendi a mek more than money plus she phuck’n inconsiderate cuz Rosie a get 20,000 nd she sed wan did tink DAT TUH MUCH ….brand new second hand gal yah luuu

  18. Yendi Phillipps
    1 hr ·
    Gooood Morning!! *inhale* exhale* …have life must give thanks and be grateful! Did a great yoga session this morning. Hope everyone realizes that life itself is a blessing…make something positive of it. Uplift and empower yourself and someone else today!
    “The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”
    – Carl Jung

  19. Can somebody please tell me why she made a Facebook post? For somebody who want likkle “privacy”? Why? Eh why? She seh it leak, alright let’s say mi believe har. She nuh mek it gwaan den! Nuh seh nuttin! Mek john public gwaan talk til dem can talk no more! People seh she open har life to dem from she show the belly so dem have right fi talk, she seh she was excited. Alright, I get dat, new modda, but at the time she codda show the belly and nuh name the father u nuh, mek ppl gwaan speculate. She now seh dat was a mistake. Ok! But she still nah learn, she a do the same ting all over again! If I were her, I would delete my social media pages since its clear that I cant help myself. This post was highly uncalled for, and is bringing so-called “unwanted” attention to a “private” situation.

  20. Yendi always a behave like she has doctorate, if I laugh. dwl, a must a modeling degree she has becaz she chupid like, a karma a bite har in har behind

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