0 thoughts on “YES GAWDDD

  1. Lol a wah do “One white girl pan a mini-bus”. No sah dem tek kartel fi local celebrity. From the man go do di Teachas pet is like every out-a-roader have intentions fi meet him. Lol lady right yah now Proffessors are at UWI trying to have patois notified as an official language, so go easy you are far from a fluent patois speaker. And a who have time fi hate pan the missis bout speaking patois. No sah mi get a good rass laught tinight.

  2. Yo a whey di bloodcloth dis da whity na play wid people. I a Jamaican mi nu si nuttin wrong wid she talking, mi naa lie mi love how she give it to bloodcloth gal whey chat off are mouth.. Look how much Jamaican come a farin and twang, sub nuttin wrong wid she talking Jamaican..Boom Bam….Hot Head.

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