1. Apple lend Kerry the bag good friend better than pocket money . They all share the same bag & shoes ‘ one bounch of lookalike even the hair color .

  2. Kerry luks waaaaaay betta dan HAPPLE-JACKS…Sorry @YADIE, A DI CHUTE…FIX U TEETH YAH KERRY ME NUH BLAME YUH…Screw cable..

    1. My sentiments exactly……FIX UP YUHSELF, FUXX CABLE……Cable family well in line and look good!

      I don’t like that all hair spoils start with Happle, every body blonde ah Bronx!!

      Jue who??? Do your thing my lil Food Stamp Mami, I ain’t mad!

    2. Apple breast dem too big now…she ova dweet ..batty n flat belly up tho.. she nuh need nothing more

  3. N she did her body over she looks hella good! I think it was more than one person that kept the party tho

  4. Nuh dat sed wig Yardie love interest ah sport weh day at Runnerman party? Wonda if a rent flApple a rent out di hair? hAir-B-and-B?

  5. Apple was at the party. With her blue Chanel as well and rocking the same hair. Apple had her hair braided. She was looking good for sure. I like the new body Kerry. However, your self esteem still need work.

  6. Go see how dem a do gullybop same uno did a cuss chin big stink bitch a dash bloody pad big disgrace man

  7. I am highly concerned that anyone with 20/20 vision would think that Kerry look better than Princess Apple! Everyone knows beauty begins with the mouth n Kerry’s teeth jus a play catch up @6months anniv!

    I gurantee u that is Apple tek up Kerry Inna hand n a show her the styling ropes.How else u explain how all of a sudden Kerry blazing so hot like 10firesides,no more war war n she glowing like wow??!

    A big lick that u give the Princess enuh Lil Willie out hair rental but it is all good.Dont u admire Apple 4 her entrepreneurial spirit???

    Up wid di hair rental!

  8. Penthouse party over her 3 kids cable. really sad case. And I hear the ikon have to tek care of Kerry Ann dance needs cause him nuh want jue talk pan him By the way nosey me a how much time jue get lol

  9. Did she really fix her teeth ok she ready fi suck some more hood now fi money she and apple is not that close anymore kerryann you still look like miss piggy ur wifey days done cause no other man will ever wife you only dru and look how dat turn out

  10. Kerry look way better for real Kerry mouth just look big and stink that’s all. But she looks much better than apple in a real life

  11. Yes kerryann looks better in the day time without makeup. Apple looks bad in the day without makeup. Kerryann winning

  12. Kerryann that green dress and blue bag with white and black hair and botox, and gold lips looks ridiculous. Uno look like a graduation uno a guh .uno a really classmates because uno uniform match blue bag and dsquared shoes . Lol bird of the same features flock together. All of uno wack as f..k.I hope uno get a job after this graduation ceremony that Kerryann keeping .sets of dunce fools.

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