Hi Met this a picture of kevin prescott aka bugs and the minor Christabel his daughter who is 20 years of age
CONYERS — Deputies who arrested a murder suspect from New York who was living in Conyers also arrested four other individuals on drug and firearm charges.
The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office assisted the U.S. Marshals Service on Wednesday, Aug. 6, in executing an arrest warrant for Oneil Scott, 31, of New York, who was believed to be staying at 1941 Buford Court.
RCSO Cpl. Michael Camp said Scott is the last in a group of Jamaican suspects to be arrested in connection with a drug-related robbery and murder that occurred in March in New York. The suspects are believed to have pistol-whipped their victim to death, then put the body in a car and burned the car.
Deputies did find Scott and several other people at the home off Smyrna Road, along with two large bags of marijuana, weighing approximately 3 pounds, and two guns, Camp said.
In addition to being picked up on the outstanding warrant, Scott was also charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. He was immediately extradited to New York, the Sheriff’s Office reported.
The following individuals were also arrested Wednesday:
• Gina Sherina Blair, 31, of 7511 Norton Ave., No. 6, West Hollywood, Calif., was charged with possession with the intent to distribute marijuana;
• Shadane Shakeen Henry, 19, of 3111 Aurelia Court, Brooklyn, N.Y., was charged with possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce;
• Christabell Warren, 20, of 1941 Buford Court, was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute; and
• Kevin Prescott, 40, also of 1941 Buford Court, was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.
Camp said Blair, Henry, Warren and Prescott have holds placed on them by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for overstaying their visas.


  1. Daughter last name is Warren and the father’s last name is Prescott? I guess she got married at a very young age?

  2. Damn shame! father and daughter a par inna de same criminal den. So a Jamaica dem a plan fi send dem 4 criminal yah? prison unda onu bombo!
    Hi met! lol

      1. :ngakak “Myner” her daddy dat is de only minor dem fi talk about.
        Dat big tusty gal dem call minor? rotfflol Yu know many a we people can’t read and belive all offsprings are minors :hammer

  3. I’m am happy that found the killer that had killed my friend turnip aka wayne Thomas . I’m so happy that my friend could rest in peace thank you Jesus final justice for my friend .

  4. met this minor child uppa top dey in a the club dung ya in atlanta and a drink and a carry on like ar wutliss concubine mumma rebel stush or wateva she wa call harself. this muscle head bwoy nuh ramp fe f**k and breed gal. if him coulda stick him penis in a plug socket him would…and breed dat too.

  5. Put up dem dutty rass weh bubba pic deh weh him mumma french monkey pic deh unu hand dutty nuh rass wicked set a rass unu.

  6. sender who else is kevin affiliated with in georgia cause i know I’ve seen him run with a set a badman dem who don’t really party much but dem is very very dangerous

  7. Frenchie whooooooooooo lord of mercy Frenchie go tell the police say a no bomba do it you alway a swear fe him a leave you to time

  8. Him a jus bubba Brother in law. An him did a house the fugitive but the man never inna the murdering. Him a thief an hustler. Tell me which one of unuh have a uncle or brother unuh know do something an unuh go call police. I’m not supporting wrong doing but unuh stop associate the ppl them name with turnip murder. Them jus f**king wrong fi bring dutty bubba a them yard.

    1. its called being guilty by association. the feds know why dem do what dem do. dem boys neva sleep and watch you 24/7 so go tek up u argument wid the alphabet boys and not us.

    2. So Thief and Hustler better than Murdera,ALL A UNUH JAMAICAN wah get chance fi come a farrin and mek a betta life, that is all unuh good fah! HUSTLE AND THIEFTTTTTT, All a you bubbles soon buss. Go look werk in a the people dem country, From me come up yah 15yrs ago me neva out of a job me werk till me finger dem pain me but at the end of the day me no have to watch me back. Unuh dutty and tink like fowl doodoo. Him need fi go jail go live wedda him in the killings or not just fi him thiffing and hustling ways.

  9. This bigger than. Me frenchie I always wonder why yu so ugly but now I know people eye water dey pon you … And had the nerve fi tekk mike inna dance bout big up every thief cause from the day yu dey a merica u Neva Wuk yet old wicked woman go repent seek god jail fi unno nastyness :selamat :2thumbup

      1. I wonder if these people really love their children because how could you love your child and encourage them to do a life of crime??

        1. Dem parents dah a some jancrow, They are selfish! Dem want easy money so dem encourage dem pickney fi rob and kill. Dutty rass dem I tell you.

  10. Mi know Bugs, him a nu murderer….him wi thief under style… this would be his 4th re entry… the murderer bait him up.

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