16 thoughts on “YES RICH B*TCH ROBBAS

    1. God have mercy…she look like security write pon har? That pop dung, thieving dragon rich in thiefT charges and no shame.

    2. Anonymous yuh wear glasses? Anonymous a di first yuh come ova pinkwall?
      Yuh serious when yuh ask met dah question deh?

  1. Delusional, deluded bitch…..5Mil what? stones or sand u collect from the beach when u claim u travel overseas. Deludeddd

  2. I can just imagine how Robbas & apple them uncomfortable ya now & miserable ‘ them afraid to touch the road with them scammer trade .

  3. Oh please robbert! A wah lick yuh wid a ediot stick. Remy ma finished her… Dat silicone bitchmanaj.

  4. Di only reason dis man like Minaj a because all a dem come outta di same made in China factory.

  5. She hate broke bitches, I hate scammers and people without status in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. She rich but you don’t have a green card…..She cant travel to DUBAI, ST. Barths, Venice, Paris (since she’s so overly romantic with her STATUE looking man, I’m surprised she didnt touch there yet)

    I’m laughing because she wasn’t always hot. She never did have other people money like that before. She just started wearing stolen goods. She was just dragged up and dont know how to act. Force ripe. Broke bitches. Like people love dem life and some people dont allow useless things to rule them. Illegal written all over her face. I hate to see people who was never shit before and they want to come diss up the reflection of their past.

    Queen Elizabeth is the only person that can say they hate broke bitches. When you born rich, into rich, then she can chat.

  6. No met remy hit a nerve when she seh “BEFORE THAT ASS JOB YOU WAS A SPONGE BOB” that clearly go for this bitch Bobbette u so rich u should be living in a HOUSE WITH YOUR NAME LISTED AS OWNER u should be driving a car YOUR NAME ON THE TITLE bitch stay in your thieving lane with your thriving friends and y’all butt shots Bloomingdales, Macys and Saks shall get your picture with ur correct name soon and very soon so all them fake ID’s u be using for return gonna get you f**k dumb bitch u need to chill and watch ur hype u materialistic ugly hoe

  7. Where was this Robbas bitch 5-10 years ago ? Dancehall changed alot all these people worship us vanity all day everyday so this gyal has no aspiration to get a career or a real job just fi scam fi guh in a dancehall fi show off on people say u can wear brand name that’s why the white man will always have tings over us they laugh at us everyday wearing $3000 bags & shoes with no degrees, don’t own a home just frighten Robbas have several seats baby girl but word on the street is Robbas mother have Aids.

  8. us because u suh rent an stink teifing robbas I myself a big meck sure mi send een u IG to the big bosses meck dem check u need fi stay inna u teifing lane BITCH

  9. Like father like daughter that’s how har father get kill love thief people things Bobby Dog use to set up people and Rob them so the Apple don’t fall far from the tree I should know mi use to deh wid him and from mi see how him flex mi just disappear and move out of ny her mother use to call him phone ah freight ova the cocky while I ride it every night and send him home bobette is false and soon her wah she ah look fah

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