Tessanne Chin has been pursuing music since she was in diapers in her native Jamaica, where her family even has a recording studio in their home. But the newly crowned winner of The Voice has more domestic aspirations on top of launching her musical career.

“There’s a music side of me and a dreamer, but really I just want to be a wife,” the gorgeous singer tells the New York Daily News.

The singer has talked a lot about her husband of two years, Michael Cuffe, throughout the season, and the affection she feels for him was easy to see. Michael was her biggest fan throughout the process, and Tessanne even joked about the fact that his reaction to her winning was bigger than hers.

“I think his reaction trumped mine,” she said about that fateful moment Carson Daly called her name. “He’s the best. He’s my rock.”

And, although she’s going to go gangbusters on her music career for now, she admits that domestic bliss is also a goal. In fact, she wants to own a farm back in Jamaica!

“Not a big farm, but I love animals and the thought of growing my own food,” she said.

Perhaps it’ll be a farm with a recording studio. Come on, we want this girl to make music forever!

What do you think of Tessanne’s admission that she wants to be a wife and live on a farm? Let us know in the comments!

Source: New York Daily News


          1. Mi confuse a bit maybe a di big broad back tv with the one room apt pon di back whey mi have but Tess don’t appear to need to lose weight to me mayb some toning but nothing else mi need a flat screen fi mi crismus cause mi mussi nah see well

  1. A woman of my caliber. I dreamed it, pursued it now living it…except de music part lol. A more calm and peaceful life.

  2. Yes ! you go girl!

    People are livid about her decision they think its unfair and she should have never joined the competition if she knew it didnt phase her but who said you cant be a singer and a wife? A lot of Americans and some Jamaicans are mad at this they also think she stole it from Jacquie who supposedly deserved to win lmfaoooo dem vex eeh.

    1. Jackie need some voice training and 5 bulla and some suppligen…Tess neva tek a ting wid da last song de Jackie gi Tess Anne after mi hear di first 40 second ….mi ears couldnt decide if a horror movie or a wind storm

      1. Mi seyyyyyyy!!!! Yuh mek mi pred out ah dutty……. Caw ah di same ting meeda sey to mi peeps n family di nite wen mi hear har laas song

        Mi sey ‘No man! ah one screeching owl diss’…. ‘Is a screaming competition shi dey pon’. So mi dee done know sey Tess ah di winna desoh…….BUTTT we is in Hamerikkah ooooooo, an wi know how di ting set, so mi an mi boo did ah fret it out, but thanks be to Jah!

        Big up yuhself Tess

  3. me thinks the daily news needs to stop fabricating stories, I watched the girl as she made her rounds on the media yesterday and all she kept saying is she going home to jamaica for a few days to eat some good food relax and back to cali to record, because her album is slated to be out march 2014 which ppl have already ordered . “air jamaica” plane though? these media outlets are mad an actual american didn’t win so they fabricating shit.

  4. Nothing nuh wrong? She is woman first & foremost! She has achieved a great achievement inna her career & now she waan achieve the greatest achievement inna her family life – a complete happy family with baby! She CAN do both! Most women I know, along with myself, wear ‘many hats’! Women are not 1 dimensional! I wish you NOTHING BUT THE BEST TESSANNE!!!

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