KETCH DI 1500 INA HIM WALLET NUH GOD :hammer .. Di way him barely open di wallet yuh know seh a di only 1500 dat him a go have fi a while


7 thoughts on “YOU ARE A CIRCUS

  1. dat look like a 6g him have a $5000 and a $1000 but yuh now dat haffi serve him fi awhile. but him did change it out to all $100 mek him billy look buff up. Also the beg yuh a credit thing disgusting fi real

  2. Honestly whether it’s 6000 or 1500,my sentiments tend to agree that him a hype with chumps but some of the beggy beggie women them beyond disgusting with them approach fi true!!

  3. Thats just low. U dont know thevman like that. It’s all about the approach. I am running out of credit I will call as soon as I top uo. Girl all when u a starve have class. Act like u got it even when u don’t. It’s all about perception.

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