Last week I kinda ran out of time to get deeper into the jezebel topic. I have quite a few spiritual things to share and Im looking for those who are serious about their own spiritual journey to join in and share. We have to discuss the day or evening that would be best for this but it is something that I want to be a regular weekly topic here so please dont say yes and then let it be no. The first chapter will be about our ancestors and for that there is a whole lot to share and expose.

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  1. All unbelievers are welcome but please be respectful in your dialog. Not because you have never experienced something means it does not exist ..We came here from different realms and we are not about the same things however we are here to coexist.

    1. Yes, cause people might see my looks but its deeper than that, I had revivalists FAM members they are all deceased but one in particular was deep santeria he traveled to various countries and spoke different language he also can danced in fire worshipped Chango and sorts i even dreamt the other day I’m throwing fruits in a river and writing things (good wishes)with red ink on a paper to backside waday, if I’m being battled spiritually in dream I only speak tongues in dream and can’t in my wake life

  2. Met question, mi see Yendie baptize and gone a Beyonce concert inna belly skin. Fine she is a new concert yea!!!
    But what I realized the church that she got baptized the women that I follow on Instagram all still act like worldians, go parties and drink…a wah

    I’m from the old school and I believe Christians should let their light shine. I don’t think you can ever come in contact with God and be the same.

    1. …and the old belife system is no longer valid. It was a submissive system for nonelites and a detrimental to the lesser – European, black or whatever.

      A Beyawnsay (can’t stand de bitch) concert can’t hurt Yendie. The bellyskin isn’t a crime because Amazonians and African tribes have been semi-nude for centuries.

      The no make-up, no pants, no jewelry and no creme hair was to keep women of color (when whitey learned of our existence) from upstaging Massa wife, and use to surpress european women of lesser class from attracting men of the upper echelon. Missionaries pushed/pushes that agenda.

      The bible was NEVER written during the time of: the making of pants,shorts, relaxer, pressing comb, perms, and acrylic, so there is NO way it talk about such things, muchless to rule dem out as wrong.

      One thing certain was makeup! We been using clay dirt as press powder, coal (khol) fi eyeliner and dyes from plants fi lipcolor and animal fat fi gloss and skin ๐Ÿ˜€ we all figure out say punny fi wash and sweet potato fi deodorize arm pits ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      We are socialized to view certain dress and behavior as going against the norm of our civil society…worst at certain age (adolescent and over 30) going against the code is where criticism is strongest.

      A bad Christian in my view is one who isn’t charitable, tell lies and willing to take a life without cause. Nothing less, nothing more.

      All that said…from it provoke yu spirit be critical as yu please (I do).

      I am a believer of the ancients, NOT Christianity.

      Just saying….

      1. :ngakak :ngakak

        Tamborine shakers and long skirt tegareggs unu start and the page not even start run yet :hammer

        Wait for it :ngakak

      2. LOL

        PP I’m not sure who is laying down on the downvote button. Not everyone that doesn’t share your views will react to your statement like that. Si wid dem, maybe it’s more personal than just that statement you made. Yes even if you don’t know them personally. Yuh dun know how dis ting work. I hope we can express our views, ideologies and experiences in a civilized manner. Hopefully all parties involved will be adults with said mentality. I have learned to listen more and weigh the words of people before I speak. Lets just keep an open mind.

  3. I would be glad to join in this discussion. I have questions more than answers.I was young and looked in the mirror only to see my mom getting dress in a purple dress with
    makeup on. A week after that they found her co-worker buried in a ditch. the day of the funeral my mom was dress up in the same way I saw her.

  4. Present. I know in whom I have believed. I have met quite a few Jezebels in my time. At one point I may have qualified as one. Certain aspects of my character aligned with the traits of Jezebel, until I was made to understand why I was created and what my purpose is in this life. Now I have peace… I can now express my opinion, give my testimonies respectfully and not get offended when what I believe in is misunderstood… So yes this is a great topic. We deal with these daily.

  5. met I was a holy ghost filled believer that baptized and turn back. my gift is vision my son also has that gift. here with a open mind

  6. Met I have been following you but this is my first post and I appreciate the work you have done. I want you to do this topic, as a Jamaican living in NY Iโ€™ve seen and experienced a lot. I was brainwashed and now Iโ€™m enlightened because at first I was caught up in vanity. But I came to realize that being a child of Benjamin why am I following the white man. Why should I spend thousands of dollars on there clothes and not educate myself and my children. I see my brothers and sister in the Bronx being a slave to the white man because they donโ€™t know the truth. Met I love all people of every color but I want our people to know that we are the original man. I have witnessed the truth when they say honor your father and mother , because my mother would cuss my grandmother almost every day and my grandmother would cry. And when I was 12 yrs old my mother died of a massive heart attack she was only 29 yrs old, I think if she was a kinder and more respectful person she would be still living. We as people have to be in tuned with the universe and then weโ€™ll understand why things happens.

  7. I have recently connected with my ancestors, as i believe my life choice were beyond questionable.

    They have been teaching things about bettering myself and finding strength, instead of running off – as i usually do.

    I’M IN.


  8. I am here and will be all in this.. I will try my best to be involved as much as I can. Both to share my own n to learn from u all.

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