A bride in New Jersey wowed the crowd and moved the groom to tears with her ageless beauty.

Millie Taylor-Morrison, 86, married Harold Morrison, 85, on Sunday. Taylor-Morrison’s granddaughter, Khadija Elkharbibi, submitted a photo of the beautiful bride to the Facebook page, “Love What Matters.” Elkharbibi said Taylor-Morrison had been married for 41 years until her husband’s death, and found love again 25 years later. Elkharbibi said the family is thrilled and the couple is a “true testament that age is just a number and everyone can find love again.”


Elkharbibi told The Huffington Post that Taylor-Morrison is a former model and designed her striking purple wedding gown herself. Elkharbibi said everyone who attended the wedding was “blown away” by how radiant the bride looked and that the groom “teared up” when he saw her walking down the aisle

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