Please to tell shenseaa she a young bud so she nuh know storm. Be careful of the company u keep and associate with to get ahead in this music business

10 thoughts on “YOUNG BUD NUH KNOW STORM

    1. Obviously you’re a regular so u know a team shensea mi thing deh but by the same token u n I won’t be arguing. OK I get the annoying part but might I ask how the dumb bitch drop een??

  1. She is yung and want the exposure,just be careful of being exposed to the wrong ppl and wrong tings. Good luck on ur career.

  2. #teamShenseea. I think she’s the most humble person in the industry right now. She will meet alot of industry people and her management team is doing great with her career. Everybody need fi be careful. #simplemathsdat

  3. @F**ka Dem you more sound like the Dumb BITCH you dumb BITCH what is it a problem for her to take a picture they’re all in the industry and they must cross paths so stfu again dumb BITCH u annoying

  4. Mi like Shenseea, she just taking pictures with people in the industry no problem. But mi haffi talk it straight because people have been saying that she is a flip flopper and dick rider (not literally riding people). What people mean by this is that shi already get the bust with the loodi song with Kartel,but she is using people slang such as: unruly which is Popcaan thing and try diss Spice when yuh did a seh unity the week before, and at the same time saying that she doesn’t take side but use other people style whom she has no connection with. Dancehall fans don’t like people like that and will turn on you in a quick second while shi is very talented and beautiful, cockiness and being forgetful of the industry she is in in addition to being all over place can hinder your career rather than progress. Create yuh own signature style because yuh done full a lyrics already but don’t become a lyrical groupie weh jump on to people thing,remember your journey on going your haven’t full blown bust yet fi a mek money, so be smart!

  5. When the heat start ketch u will know what im talking about, u think it easy fi be a dancehall artiste weh hot. I dont like her so i feel like calling her a dumb bitch, u like her and thats fine Yardy. She is dumb and mi know why mi seh that, and u know too Shenseea suh dont play dumber.

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